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Ron Sparks on issues - abortion voting record


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Governor Ron Sparks

Ron Sparks Alabama Governor

Ron Sparks, Agriculture Commissioner, has moved to the hard left of Davis, attacking him for his moderate record in Congress. Hence, the black political leadership in Alabama appears to be supporting Sparks, who is running with the endorsement of Selma Senator Hank Sanders and former Birmingham Mayor Richard Arrington

Sparks seems to be running on two planks : a) Davis is not Democratic enough and b) Alabama needs more gambling. Democratic primary voters will see the depth of Davis' ability and see him as preferable to Ron Sparks, a man with a sordid past and spotty record

Ron Sparks is single, and is reported to have a girl friend in the Ft.Payne area.

Ron Sparks on the Issues:

The economy is dictating the issues that will face the next Governor of Alabama. Ron Sparks has the Democrat ideas of leftward thing, More tax and spend, and use lottery gambling proceeds as a potential source of revenue to make major financial promises.

Ron Sparks on Gambling Lottery

Ron Sparks has received serious money from the gambing cartel in Alabama. As a result Ron Sparks has greatly pushed the gambling concept of a lottery, and removing barriers to gambling in Alabama. He has made their case and stood with them. Alabama Gambling

Ron Sparks, supports the Obama Health Care Plan.

Ron Sparks has many times said he supported the Obama Health Care Plan.. Sparks criticized Artur Davis for voting against the Obama Health Care Plan. As Artur Davis positioned himself as taking the moderate position on issues, Ron Sparks went after the Democrat and black vote by saying Artur Davis was not liberal and Democratic enough. Ron Sparks Soft on the Gay Issues It is none of the governments business to tel you what to do concerning marriage. These are code words to say, he supports the gay agenda. Ron Sparks says he would have been a supporter of the Hate Crimes Bill, which is supported by the gay community as it provides special protection for crimes against homosexuals and gays.

Ron Sparks on Abortion

Ron Sparks has constantly avoided the issue of abortion and a woman's choice.  Sparks appears to be playing the game of assuming that he will have the pro choice Democrat vote, and wants to avoid making the pro life voter upset on abortion.  So Ron Sparks plays it safe, and is neutral in his position or statements on abortion.  His web site is
silent of the issue.

Rep. Artur Davis and Agriculture Commissioner Ron Sparks on Race

Artur Davis has tried to take a moderate position to appease white voters.  Ron Sparks has taken the liberal position to appeal to the black voters to win the Democrat Primary. Alabama gubernatorial candidate Artur Davis (D) has called on primary opponent Ron Sparks to denounce race-tinged campaign tactics. A recent letter from a Sparks support to state Democrats asked "Can Artur Davis get 30% of the white vote in Alabama?" Davis, who is black, said the "Sparks campaign better distance itself from it or we have to assume they are driving it."

Ron Sparks,
Robert Bentley, Robert Bentley for Governor

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On January 18, 1778 Captain James Cook and his crew, while attempting to discover the Northwest Passage between Alaska and Asia, were surprised to find the Hawaiian islands so far north in the Pacific.[1] He named them the "Sandwich Islands". After the discovery by Cook, other Europeans and Americans came to the Sandwich Islands. An entry was found in James Cook's log describing the natives as "riding the ocean's waves on wooden boards", which became the first written account of surfing. bumper stickers

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