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Dr. Robert Bentley for Alabama Governor

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Robert Robert Bentley
Doctor Robert J. Bentley was first elected to the Alabama House of Representatives in November,2002 and is serving his second term.
He and his wife, Dianne, have four children: John, Paul, Luke, and Matthew.

Dr. Robert Bentley received his B.S. from the University of Alabama and his M.D. from the Medical College of Alabama. He is Board Certified by the American Board of Dermatology and is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology and the Medical Association of Alabama.

A former Captain in the U.S. Air Force, Representative Bentley is also a life member of Vietnam Veterans of America. Further, he is a member of the American Legion.

Representative Bentley is a Deacon and Sunday School Teacher at the First Baptist Church, and serves on the Youth for Christ Advisory Board and Family Counseling Advisory Board. Dr. Bentley was also named in Best Doctors in America.

He is a founding partner and president of Alabama Dermatology Associates, which is the largest dermatology practice in the Southeast

Robert Bentley and Abortion

At a July 2 forum in Birmingham, Robert Bentley plainly stated life begins at conception and further stated that the greatest tragedy in our time is that we have killed fifty-one million babies by abortion. Bentley stated passionate support for protection of the unborn and even chided some Christian activists for not making this issue a greater priority.

In the last term of the legislature, Robert Bentley sponsored the following pro-life bills:
* A Constitutional Amendment to outlaw abortion
* A Freedom of Conscience Bill--Alabama is one of only three states that does not have legislation that would allow Doctors and medical personnel to opt-out of participating in aboritions
* A Personhood Bill which would require that women coming for an abortion would be informed that the unborn child is a separate and unique human being.
* A resolution opposing the Freedom of Choice Act in Congress.
Pro-life activists in the Tuscaloosa area state that Bentley has long been outspoken on the right-to-life and has supported local efforts to advocate the right-to-life.


Robert Bentley on Gambling in Alabama

Dr. Bentley has proposed an up or down vote on Gambling.

As Attorney General Troy King previously said earlier, we need an up or down vote on gambling.
So the gambling forces demonstrated their strength, and dominated the Alabama Legislature with the issue of gambling. They got their bill through the Alabama State Senate where it was defeated in the Alabama House. We had our up and down vote as the gambling folks had asked for. It works like this, heads we win, tails you lose. If it had passed, we would have had legalized gambling all over the state. If it had been voted on and failed, there would be no removal of gambling in the state. This was the fair up and down vote that was given to us. This time Governor Robert Bentley promises that a vote on gambling in Alabama would result in the removal of gambling.

An Up or Down Vote in Alabama on Gambling

Gambling can only come into this state legally by changing the Alabama Constitution. A constitutional amendment first must be passed by the legislature, then voted on by the people. So when the gambling folks say, lets vote on the issue and be democratic about it, they are simply referring to the process of passing a constitutional amendment. The gambling forces want a constitutional amendment which includes a vote of the people to allow gambling in the state. Once they get that, they will spend millions on their propaganda promoting gambling and selling it under the guise as job growth and a source of revenue for the public schools. As we saw in 1999 on the Sigeleman Lottery Bill, most of the newspapers supported it, and they were almost successful in passing it. The vote in 1999 was an up or down vote. It was voted down. If it had passed, all forms of gambling restrictions would have been removed from the Alabama Constitution and in addition to having a lottery, we would have had legalized gambling as well. So the gambling folks want another chance to legalize gambling with an up or down vote. As was demonstrated in the Alabama Legislature in 2010, an up or down vote is not likely to do anything to remove gambling, it just gives the opportunity to legalize gambling. Further, Alabama Constitutional Amendments are designed to be voted on by yes it passes, and no it fails. The double option of a true up and down vote has not been previously demonstrated. But Robert Bentley promises that in Alabama the option of removal of gambling will happen this time.

How do we get rid of gambling in Alabama

Very simple. Gambling is prohibited very clearly in the Alabama Constitution. There are many Alabama laws prohibiting gambling. The chief law enforcement officer, the Attorney General should be pro active in enforcing the laws. Because our current Attorney General has failed to take action, the executive branch has come up with the Gambling Task Force, which has enforced gambling laws and shut down gambling operations in most parts of the state. Local courts and the Alabama Supreme Court have consistently backed Governor Riley's Gambling Task Force in their efforts to enforce the gambling laws. Several of the county District Attorneys have also taken legal action and shut down gambling operations. Gambling can be removed is government officials simply have the internal fortitude to do what is right and enforce the law.

How about Indian Gambling in Alabama?

Our Congress has not passed any laws recently to further legalize Indian gambling. For Indian gambling to be legal, there must be 2 elements:
1. The Indians can only have gambling that is currently legal in the state. There are Class I, Class II, and Class III forms of gambling. The Indians can only have the form of gambling that is legal in the state. They cannot have all 3 forms of gambling if only one form of gambling is allowed in the state.
2. The Indians must negotiate a compact with the state. Since they have not done that, the Indians operations currently in existence in Alabama are illegal for the above 2 reasons.

Dr.Robert Bentley on the Issues

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