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Robert Bentley for Governor

Robert Bentley

A relatively unknown Alabama state representative won the Republican nomination for governor on Tuesday, easily defeating a well-financed, establishment-supported opponent in a runoff election. The representative, Dr. Robert Bentley, beat Bradley Byrne, a former state senator and college system chancellor who was endorsed by the current governor and several congressman. He won 56 percent of the vote to Mr. Byrne’s 44 percent in 2010.

“No one in 2010 thought we had a chance,” Dr. Bentley, 67, a physician, said Tuesday evening in a celebration at the University of Alabama football stadium. “But you know, God is good.”

Political experts offered several theories for Dr. Bentley’s come-from-behind victory: an anti-establishment political climate, an outside group’s negative advertising campaign against Mr. Byrne.

Although Dr. Bentley campaigned aggressively (his slogan: “Alabama is sick, and we need a doctor”) and had been rising in the polls for weeks, he was a virtual unknown before his second-place finish in the crowded primary on June 1. In that election, he defeated two more prominent opponents: a former governor’s son and a former State Supreme Court chief justice who is nationally known for trying to put a statue of the Ten Commandments in the courthouse.

“He was the outsider,” said Bill Stewart, a political science professor at the University of Alabama. “He didn’t represent the Tea Party, but he did represent the non-establishment.”

Based on his unlikely rise, outsider background and limited-government ideology, Dr. Bentley drew comparisons to other new Republican stars: the nominee for governor Nikki Haley in South Carolina and the Senate nominees Sharron Angle in Nevada and Rand Paul in Kentucky.

With a soft-spoken, mild-mannered campaign style, Dr. Bentley played up his medical background. Campaign advertisements show him in a white doctor’s coat and he legally added “Dr.” to his name, hoping that it would appear on the ballot (it did not because the state refuses to include any honorifics). He promised fiscal conservatism and Christian values, but struggled in fund-raising, receiving $621,000 in contributions compared with Mr. Byrne’s $3 million.

Robert Bentley Voting Record

Responds to Fact Sheet Distributed by Bradley Byrne - His Voting Record
1. Robert Bentley has never hidden that he received a $10,000 contribution from the Alabama Education Association several months ago. He has always been forthcoming about that but he has also been steadfast in his resolve that he votes with the AEA when they are right and against them when they are wrong and his record bears that fact out. He examines each issue one by one and determines whether or not he believes it is right or wrong and votes accordingly. He has been featured in the AEA journal several times during his 8 years in the legislature as someone has voted against them on issues they considered to be key issues. Most recently, that includes the teacher code of ethics legislation in which his vote was in direct contradiction to the stance of AEA. He has taken less special interest money than any other candidate still in the race for Governor and he is not beholden to any special interest. AEA leaders and fellow legislators have gone on record indicating that Dr. Bentley's legislative record (which is public record) clearly shows that he votes against the AEA when he does not agree with them. No special interest, especially the AEA, controls Dr. Bentley or influences his vote.

2. Robert Bentley has a voting record and was actually one of the co-sponsors to the bill that was passed that stops teachers in situations like those outlined below from getting paid. The bill that was referenced in the email below was supported by all but 1 GOP legislator and those who voted for it include the head of the GOP party in Alabama, Mike Hubbard. The referenced bill below was put forth by Gov. Bob Riley so to say it was liberal or intended to pay teachers in the jail time situations it discusses is absolutely ridiculous. The important point is that the legislation that actually stopped such people from getting pay was co-sponsored by Dr. Bentley.

3. As discussed above, nobody tells Dr,. Bentley how to vote or when to leave the chamber. That is absurd and there is absolutely no documentation to prove or even allude to this. There have been many legislators who have gone on record to discuss the integrity of Dr. Bentley and the below claim is absurd.

4. Dr. Robert Bentley's stance on charter schools and voting record is clear and has been documented publicly and Dr. Bentley has been praised as having put forth the best compromise on Charter Schools by his fellow Republicans including Cam Ward who wrote for Political Parlor that: "Ironically the best compromise to the issue was offered by Rep. Robert Bentley. He suggested implementing a pilot program for Charter Schools in Alabama where certain select areas would be allowed to create the schools. Then it could be determined how effective they were before moving forward and having them locate all across the state."

Dr. Bentley was the only candidate who listened to 4+ hours of pro and con legislative hearing testimony on charter schools and he listened to testimony that seemed to conclude that charter schools work in some places and don't work in others and so he proposed a pilot program which would have established some charter schools as is explained above. The offering of that amendment is on the record.

5. Dr. Bentley is a friend to business big and small and was the only candidate in the last session to pass a bill which gave tax incentives to businesses who hired individuals from the unemployment roles. The legislation mentioned below is not a raise of taxes but was to close a loophole which allowed a few select large retailers to pay a lower rate of income tax than their small business retail counterparts. Most GOP voted for this bill that closed the loophole and undid the undue punishment to small retail businesses that exists when small businesses have to pay a tax that their larger competitors do not.

Robert Bentley Served in the Alabama Legislature - Observe his Key Votes and Voting Record

Conservative Rankings of Alabama State House Alabama Voting Record
Ratings of Alabama Legislature View conservative score card of the Alabama Legislature on many key votes. This information compiled by the old Alabama Christian Coalition which was then headed up by John Giles.

Senator Scott Beason, Alabama’s Most Prominent Conservative Legislator Says Robert Bentley is Best for Alabama July 13th

Senator Scott Beason, Alabama’s most prominent conservative Republican legislator urged Alabamians to join him in voting for Dr. Robert Bentley on Tuesday, it was announced today. Senator Beason sent the following letter urging Alabama conservatives to join him in voting for Dr. Robert Bentley for Governor.

“Many of the Republican Party faithful are uneasy because of the allegations that have been made in the gubernatorial runoff election. It is difficult for people not directly involved in state level politics to
separate truth from fiction.

Because of all the confusion, I feel it is necessary to publicly announce that I am endorsing and actively supporting Robert Bentley for Governor. The systemically ill power structure that is Montgomery politics needs to be cleared out, and the election of Robert Bentley will begin that shake up.

I served with Doctor Bentley in the House of Representatives, and this spring he helped me in the effort against Obama Care.  I know him to be a genuine and straightforward person.

What you see on his television ads is the real Robert Bentley, without spin or propaganda.  Robert and I have discussed gambling, state’s rights, job creation, education reform, and the undue influence of special interest groups, including Paul Hubbert and the AEA, on Alabama politics.

I have no doubt that Robert Bentley will lead the state in a positive, pro-family direction, and that strong conservative principles will be supported by the Governor’s office.  I hope that everyone will join me  in voting for Robert Bentley to be the Republican nominee for Governor.”

Alabama faces serious problems that require real leadership and bold solutions. My opponent has been attacking me instead of addressing the issues, but I will continue to focus on doing what’s right for Alabama.

As governor, Robert Bentley will fight the federal government, clean up Montgomery, and put Alabamians back to work. Let’s put aside politics as usual and provide tax cuts to businesses that create jobs for unemployed workers. Until Alabama reaches full employment, I will not take a salary as governor.






Robert Bentley for Governor

Robert Bentley






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