Delaware Candidates for Senate

Delaware Senate Candidates in 2012

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Delaware Senate Candidates Election Race for US Senate 2010

Delaware Senate Candidates
Delaware Candidates for Senate


Election Race for Delaware U.S. Senator:


Will the voters choose to re-elect Tom Carper in 2012?
  • [Ted Kaufman (D)* - Retiring in 2010.]
  • Chris Coons (D) - New Castle County Executive, Ex-New Castle County Council President & Attorney
  • Mike Castle (R) - Congressman, Ex-Governor, Ex-Lt. Governor, Ex-State Sen., Ex-State Rep. & Attorney
  • Christine O'Donnell (R) - Political Consultant & '08 Nominee
  • Jim Rash (Libertarian) - State Party Chair, Realtor & Navy Veteran


History of Delaware. Information that every Delaware Senator Candidates Should Know:

Delmarva History

The Delmarva Peninsula embraces the state of Delaware and the Eastern Shore counties of Maryland and Virginia. Bounded on the west by Chesapeake Bay and on the east by the Atlantic Ocean, it comprises a discrete geographical region. The peninsula has been inhabited by Native Americans for thousands of years and was one of the first places in North America colonized by European and African immigrants. Although predominantly rural, its landscape also supports numerous urban and suburban pockets. Its diverse economy includes agricultural, fisheries, lumbering, tourism, and industrial sectors. Centrally located on the Atlantic littoral, penetrated by a myriad of rivers and creeks, and its flat terrain easily traversed by highways and railroads, the Delmarva Peninsula has long been integrated into the national market.

Its distinct borders, its long history, its rich ethnic mix, its varied landscape, and its diverse and integrated economy combine with an abundance of primary materials collected in the region’s archives and libraries to make the Delmarva Peninsula an inviting subject for historical research. Here, change over time can be plotted in a geographically discrete yet economically, racially, and socially varied region.

From the beginning of the 17th century to the American Revolution and beyond, Lower Delmarva, anchored in Old Somerset County (today's Somerset, Worcester, Wicomico counties, Maryland and southern Sussex County, Delaware), was a major center of European immigration to North America. The people who entered the new land through its Chesapeake Gateway developed farms and towns  throughout the region, interacted in both peace and war with the resident Native American tribes, intermarried and formed extended kinship groups, and created families whose descendants are now scattered throughout the United States and beyond. The total past and current numbers of descendants may well number in the millions. From this perspective, Old Somerset, including its immigration relationships with Northampton and Accomack Counties on Virginia’s portions of the Eastern Shore, served as an early "Ellis Island" for America.

In colonial times, the Peninsula became home to residents whose origin included both Africa and Northern Europe. Certain contemporary Delmarva speech patterns retain, more strongly than any other part of America, the 17th-century English settlers' dialect. And the occupation of many a Delmarvan, "following the water," is modeled upon that of those same English settlers whose West Country fishing and harvesting skills are being used by modern-day watermen in forms remarkably little changed over three centuries and more.

The Delmarva Peninsula has contributed significantly to the development of American life. Key roles were played in the nation's colonial, federal, 19th-century, Civil War, industrial and contemporary periods. Yet because of its geographic separation from the Eastern Seaboard corridor, Delmarva may well be America’s most important, yet least studied and understood region.


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