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Conservative Voting Guide Election Candidates

New Hampshire Conservative Candidates Voting Guide - Christian

GOVERNOR - Ovide Lanontaque, R, Endorsed by
For Congress New Hampshire.
According to the Heritage Action Foundation Conservative Score Card
Both Republican Congressman are weak sisters with a moderate (Liberal leaning) voting record
NH 1 Rep. Frank Guinta R 67%
NH 2 Rep. Charles Bass R 45%
Congress District 1- Vern Clough (R) - or Rick Parent (R) - Congress District 2 - Dennis Lamare or Gerard Beloin (R) - or
Will Dean - Tea Party Conservative
Jenn Coffey – State House Merrimack District 1
Richard Kahn – State Senate District 14
+Darryl W. Perry – Register of Deeds Cheshire County
Frank Szabo – Sheriff Hillsborough County

Delaware Conservative Voting Guide - Christian Candidates Senate

US Senate
Kevin Wade, R, -
U.S. CONGRESS: At Large For Delaware:
Rose Izzo (R) -
State House Legislature for Delaware
21 Michael Ramone, R,
31 Sam Chick, R,
32 William McVay, R,
38 Ronald E. Gray, R,
39 Patrick J. Murray, R,
40 Timothy D. Dukes, R,
40 Raymond C. Adkins, D,

State Senate for Delaware

>3 Eric M. Anderson, D, 4/7
11 Evan Queitsch, R,
18 Matthew A. Opaliski, R,
19 Eric R. Bodenweiser, R,
20 Gerald W. Hocker, R,

Rhode Island Conservative Candidates - Election Primary 2012

US Senate Barry Hinckley, R, Endorsed by
State House Legislature Rhode Island 2 Dirk J. Hennessey, D,
11 Christian Chirino, R,
17 Charles E. Hooper, R,
27 Kyle S. Pendola, R,
33 Robert A. Trager, R,
40 Michael W. Chippendale, R,
59 John T. Arcaro, D,
68 Michael J. Donahue, R,
74 Anthony A. Mastrostefano, R,

State Senate Rhode Island

RI State Senate Candidates for Election 2012
6 Russell C. Hryzan, R,
19 Bethany L. Moura, R,
21 Nicholas D. Kettle, R,
25 Frank Lombardo, D,
30 William A. Walaska, D,
34 Francis T. Maher, R

Looking back at the last election, Christine O Donnell was the Conservative candidate standard carrier - Delaware Senate Candidate vs. Rino Mike Castle.
Christine is solid and has been favorably mentioned by Rush Lumbaugh. Mike Castle- A Man Who would be RINO GOP nominee in the Delaware Senate Race. Mike has a record as a congressman and other offices, and his record reflects him to be moderate of the liberal persuasion.

Massachusetts Conservative Candidate Voting Guide for Congress

Mass Massachusetts conservative Christian candidates recommendations are for the September 2012 primary. Recommendations are for local, congress, and statewide races.

Congress District 3 - Tom Weaver

Congress District 4 - David Steinhof

Congress District 5 - Jeff Semon

Congress District 6 - Bill Hudak (Write-in Candidate)

Congress District 8 - Matt Temperley

Congress District 9 - Christopher Sheldon

Mass State Senate District Candidates:
First Essex: Sam Meas
Second Essex and Middlesex: Paul Adams
Fourth Middlesex: DR. Gerry Dembrowski
Second Suffolk and Middlesex: Steve Aylward
Second Worcester: Steve Simonian

MA State House of Representatives District Candidates
18th Essex: Jim Lyons
Sixth Plymouth: Daniel Webster
Deb Beth: 12th Plymouth
Mike Franco 8th District
Mike Franco, candidate for Governor’s Council
For a list of recommended conservative congressional candidates in Mass Massachusetts, see:
Massachusettes Conservative Congress

Massachusetts Conservative Voting Guide Christian Candidates

Mass Massachusetts has a competitive race for governor and congress. Mass Massachusetts could elect a Republican governor due to the Obama backlash and several congressional races for congress also remain competitive for Christian office holders.
Massachusetts Governor Candidates


Delaware Conservative Candidates Election Primary

The below candidates reflect conservative values in the Delaware election primary. Glen Urquhart for Congress representing Delaware At Large FRC Action PAC, the political action committee connected to the Family Research Council, is endorsing Glen Urquhart for Congress representing Delaware At Large.
Glen Urquhart has proven to be a dedicated advocate of conservative causes for many years. We need representatives who will have the courage to defend the family under attack by the radical leadership of the House of Representatives, said Connie Mackey, President of FRC Action PAC. I am convinced Mr. Urquhart has the vision and conviction to do just that.
Glen Urquhart is a successful businessman who knows first hand the necessity of fiscal responsibility. During a time when out-of-control government spending is placing unprecedented burdens on our families, Glen is well-equipped to stand against this liberal trend and preserve America's opportunities for future generations. As Chairman of the National Capital Planning Committee under Presidents Reagan and Bush, he has demonstrated his abilities to control spending and reduce debt. He represents the fiscal principles and traditional values that are vital to the economic restoration of our country.
For a list of Senate candidates in Delaware election for the September primary, visit link. Delaware Candidates for Senate 2012

Arizona Pro Life Conservative Congressional Recommendations

The Arizona pro life candidate recommendation are provided below:

U.S. Senate - Wil Cardon Tea Party Candidate

Jeff Flake has a fairly conservative record that is very good, but his record and liberal views on amnesty and illegal immigration are a concern for Arizona and has a weak rating on immigration from
Jeff flake's endorsement from John McCain is also of major concern.

Congress-District 1: Jonathan Paton
Congress-District 2: Martha McSally
Congress-District 3: Gabriela Saucedo Mercer
Congress-District 4: Ron Gould
Congress-District 5: Matt Salmon
Congress-District 6: David Schweikert
Congress-District 7: Scott Fistler
Congress-District 8: Trent Franks
Congress-District 9: Wendy Rogers
Congressional Candidate Info from
Congress 6th District David Schweikert is recommended over Ben Quayle
Reasons to vote for David Schweikert at Freedom Works -
Congress 5th District Matt Salmon is recommended over Kirk Adams who is endorsed by Liberal John McCain.

Arizona State Legislature

State Senate-District 1: Steve Pierce
State Senate-District 5: Sam Scarmonde
State Senate-District 6: Chester Crandall
State Senate-District 8: Joe Ortiz
State Senate-District 9: Tyler Mott
State Senate-District 10: Frank Antenori
State Senate- District 11: Al Melvin
State Senate-District 12: Andy Biggs
State Senate-District 13: John Nelson
State Senate-District 14: Gail Griffin
State Senate-District 16: John Fillmore
State Senate-District 17: Steve Yarbrough
State Senate-District 18: John McComish
State Senate-District 20: Kimberly Yee
State Senate-District 21: Rick Murphy
State Senate-District 22: Judy Burges
State Senate-District 25: Russell Pearce
State Senate-27: Sarah Coleman
State Senate-District 28: Adam Driggs

Arizona - State House Legislative Conservative Recommendations

State Rep-District 1: Lori Klein, Andy Tobin State Rep.-District 5: Doris Goodale State Rep.-District 6: Brenda Barton State Rep.-District 8: Frank Pratt State Rep.-District 10: Ted Vogt
State Rep.-District 11: Steve Smith, Adam Kwasman State Rep.-District 12: Larry Chesley, Eddie Farnsworth State Rep.-District 13: Steve Montenegro, Darin Mitchell State Rep.-District 14: David Stevens, David Gowan State Rep.-District 15: John Allen, David Smith
State Rep.-District 16: Kelly Townsend, Judy Novalsky State Rep.-District 17: J.D. Mesnard, Tom Forese State Rep.-District 18: Jeff Dial, Bob Robson
State Rep.-District 20: Carl Seel, Paul Boyer State Rep.-District 21: Rick Gray, Debbie Lesko State Rep.-District 22: Phil Lovas, Jeanette Dubreil State Rep.-23: John Kavanaugh, Michelle Ugenti State Rep.-25: Justin Pierce, Justin Olson
State Rep.-26: Ray Speakman State Rep.-27: Daniel Coleman State Rep.-28: Amanda Reeve State Rep.-29: Charles Ellis (Write-In)
Arizona Corporation Commission (recommend casting 2 votes only): Bob Stump, Bob Burns
Pima County Sheriff: Walt Setzer
Gilbert City Council: Jenn Daniels
Glendale Mayor: Jerry Weiers
Sierra Vista City Council: John George
Pinal County Sheriff: Tom Bearup
Scottsdale City Council: Christina Serena
Scottsdale Mayor: Drew Bernhardt
Maricopa County Supervisors:
1.Denny Barney 2.Lester Pearce 3.Andy Kunasek 4.Jean McGrath 5.Write-in Republican Candidate- Ron Harders

County Attorney: Bill Montgomery
Supervisor Legislative District 3: Andy Kunasek
Supervisor Legislative District 2: Steve Churci
Supervisor Legislative District 1: Denny Barney

Also for more info see

Arizona - Conservative Congressional Candidate Rating

State District Name Party Score%
AZ 6 Rep. Jeff Flake R 97%
AZ 2 Rep. Trent Franks R 97%
AZ 5 Rep. David Schweikert R 94%
AZ 3 Rep. Ben Quayle R 92%
AZ 1 Rep. Paul Gosar R 78%
AZ AZ Sen. Jon Kyl R 77%
AZ AZ Sen. John McCain R 77%
AZ 7 Rep. Raúl Grijalva D 16%
AZ 4 Rep. Ed Pastor D 12%
AZ 8 Rep. Gabrielle Giffords D 0%
Any score below 80% indicates they are a RINO Moderate.

Arizona Conservative Candidate Voting Guide

Arizona conservative Christian candidates voting guide recommendations are for the August primary. Conservative recommendations are for Congressional, Senate, state wide and local races throughout Arizona. Arizona conservative candidate recommendations. Conservative J.D. Hayward set the example in the last election. opposing RINO John McCain. Voters are going to the poll with Christian conviction.

Congress-District 1: Jonathan Paton
Congress-District 2: Martha McSally
Congress-District 3: Gabriela Saucedo Mercer
Congress-District 4: Ron Gould
Congress-District 5: Matt Salmon
Congress-District 6: David Schweikert
Congress-District 7: Scott Fistler
Congress-District 8: Trent Franks
Congress-District 9: Wendy Rogers
Info from
For a list of recommended conservative congressional candidates in Arizona, see: Arizona Conservative Congress

Arizona will be electing conservative pro life candidates to Congress in the Arizona primary on August 28. The above link gives several conservative Christian recommendations.

Wisconsin Conservative Candidates Voter Guide - Christian 2012

Wisconsin conservative candidates

Mark Neumann (R) -
for US Senate is best choice from Wisconsin. Christian conservative
Lauren Stephens for Congress (WI-6) Wisconsin sixth District for Congress the Tea Party favorite.

Incumbent Tom Petri (R) scores a weak consrvtive voting record of 60%.

U.S. Senate Mark Neumann (R) - Conservative Choice

Wisconsin State Senate Conservative Candidates

Senate District 14 Luther Olsen
Senate District 20 Glenn Grothman, inc. (R-West Bend)
Senate District 24 Scott Noble
Senate District 28 Mary Lazich, inc. (R-New Berlin)
Senate District 18 Rick Gudex (R-Fond Du Lac)
Senate District 30 John Macco, Ray Suennen

District Assembly Dist 3 Brandi Lefeber
Assembly District 13 Rob Hutton, Thomas Schellinger
Assembly District 25 Paul Tittl
Assembly District 26 Michael Endsley, Devin LeMahieu
Assembly District 34 Robert Swearingen
Assembly District 39 Mark Born, or Tracy Heron
Assembly District 49 David Kuhle
Assembly District 53 Michael Schraa
Assembly District 56 David Murphy, or Jim Pleuss
Assembly District 70 Daniel Wald
Assembly District 86 John Spiros
For more information, additional candidates including local candidates for the Wisconsin House and Senate Legislature, Congress, and more visit:
Wisconsin Right to Life

For a list of recommended conservative congressional candidates in Wisconsin, see:
Wisconsin Conservative Congress

New York Conservative Candidates Voting Guide Christian 2012

Conservative candidate recommendations of New York Congressional and senate senator races for Christian voters.
For the list of conservative candidates in the Republican primary in New York June 26 Primary

U.S. Senate New York - - Wendy Long (R/C) -

U.S. Congress for New York

District 1 Randy Altschuler, or George Demos
District 3 Stephen Labate, or Anthony Tolda
District 4 Frank Scaturro, or Fran Becker
District 17 Nita Lowey or Joe Carvin or Kellie Greene (R) - Tea Party Activist:

District 20 Bob Dieterich
District 21 Matt Doheney, or Kellie Greene
District 22 Michael Kicinski

District 24 Ann Marie Buerkle or Paul Spencer
District 25 Maggie Brooks or Ann Marie Buerkle Endorsed by The Eagle Forum:

District 26 Mike Madigan
District 27 Chris Collins, or David Bellavia
New York State Senate Recommended Candidates 2012 District 41 Neil DiCarlo
District 43 Kathy Marchione
District 51 Jim Blake
District 55 Sean Hannah
District 60 Chuck Swanick and Kevin Stocker
District 62 Johnny Destino

New York State Assembly Recommended Candidates

District 99 Colin Schmitt
District 101 Brian Maher
District 105 --New district-- Kieran Lalor, Pat Manning, Richard Wagner
District 114 Karen Bisso
District 145 Robert Restaino
District 147 Vacant Seat David DiPietro

Read more from New York Tea Party

Liberal Pro Gay Republicans - Those who voted pro gay to make gay marriage legal in New York

New York State Senators wearing the GAY BADGE OF SHAME:
Roy McDonald Dist 43 - Liberal Pro Gay Republican
Mark Grisanti Dist 60 - Liberal Pro Gay Republican
James Alesi Dist 55 - Liberal Pro Gay Republican
Stephen Saland Dist 41 - Liberal Pro Gay Republican

New York conservatives are making good on their threat to punish several state Republican lawmakers for voting in favor of marriage equality in 2011. Four Republican State Senators who voted for the bill will not be endorsed by the Conservative Party and three will likely face Republican primary challengers this fall.

The three likely facing challenges are James Alesi, Mark Grisanti, and Roy McDonald. The fourth Republican State Senator that voted for marriage equality, Steven Saland has so far escaped a primary challenge, but will not get the Conservative endorsement. Saland has indicated that there may still be a challenge against him.

Last year, New York Conservative Party Chairman Michael Long threatened to deny legislative candidates endorsements from his organization and he has not backed off that stance since. Anybody who votes to destroy traditional marriage would not receive our endorsement. That is in cement and there is no change,