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Tim James for Alabama Governor

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Tim James
Tim James

Tim James is 48 years old, and the son of a renowned Alabamian, Fob James, Jr., a former two-term governor of Alabama. He attended Baylor Preparatory in Chattanooga, TN and received his Finance degree from Auburn University in Auburn, AL in 1985.

Tim began his professional career in 1986 working in the construction business. He later worked with his brothers and father in forming Escambia County Environmental Corporation. Tim’s achievements in the business world also include owning and operating an asphalt construction business, as well as building and operating an incineration company treating non-hazardous industrial waste.

After the 2002 race he continued to be politically active, including successfully opposing the $1.2 billion tax plan in 2003. He was among several prominent Republicans in 2004 who believed the proposed constitutional amendment to rewrite Alabama’s constitution went beyond removing outdated language from Alabama’s constitution and was more about raising taxes.



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