Alabama Candidates for Governor 2014
List of State Wide Candidates - June 3 Primary
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Alabama  gubernatorial candidates

Alabama Presidential Primary - March 1, 2016

Election Day: November 8, 2016

State Primary: March 1, 2016
Run-off: April 12, 2016

Alabama Conservative Candidate Voter Guide

US Senate
Richard Shelby (R)
Marcus Bowman (R)
John Martin (R)
Jonathan McConnell (R)
Shadrack McGill (R)
Ron Crumpton (D)
Charles Nana (D)

Congressional Candidates

District 1:
Bradley Byrne (R)
Dean Young (R)

District 2:
Martha Roby (R)
Becky Gerritson (R) - Tea Party Activist
Bob Rogers (R)
Nathan Mathis (D)
Rob John (Independent)

District 3:
Mike Rogers (R)
Larry DiChiara (R)
Jesse Smith (D)

District 4:
Robert Aderholt (R)
Phil Norris (R)

District 5:
Mo Brooks (R)
Will Boyd (D)

District 6:
Gary Palmer (R)
David Putnam (D)

District 7:
Terri Sewell (D)


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Alabama Conservative Candidates

Alabama Governor Candidates 2014
Governor of Alabama Candidates 2014 - State Wide Candidates - Primary: June 3, 2014

Robert Bentley (R)
Bob Starkey (R)
Stacy George (R)
Parker Griffith (D)
Kevin Bass (D)

Alabama Lt. Governor Candidates

Kay Ivey (R)
Stan Cooke (R) - Tea Party Conservative
James Fields (D)

Alabama Statewide Election Candidates

Kay Ivey (R)* -
Stan Cooke (R) -
James Fields (D) -
Luther Strange (R)* -
Joe Hubbard (D) -
Reese McKinney (R) -
John Merrill (R) -
Jim Perdue (R) -
Lula Albert-Kaigler (D)

Adam Thompson
Ray Bryan
Hobbie L. Sealy
Dale Peterson
Jim Zeigler
Place 1
Jeremy Oden
Kathy Peterson
Place 2
Terry Dunn
Phillip Brown - heads up Ala Republican Minority Program, hopes to be 1st black elected to the PSC.
Chris Chip Beeker Jr.- * Chip Beeker (R) former County Commissioner of Greene County, an oddity for a Republican to be a county commissioner from a black belt county.

Jonathan Barbee - Former Democrat, previously ran for legislature as a Democrat
Beth Kellum
Kimberly Harbison Drake

Public Service Commissioner PSC

* Terry Dunn (R) Incumbent Place 2 -
Terry Dunn is know for refusing corporate special interest donations and was previously elected before by refusing to accept PAC money, and won in November 2010 by spending less than $10,000. Terry Dunn Goes to Montgomery * Chip Beeker (R) former County Commissioner of Greene County, an oddity for a Republican to be a county commissioner from a black belt county.
Chip Beeker Help from Alabama Power?

Assistance with campaign gambling money - Chip Beeker - Supported by Gambling Money
* Jonathan Barbee - a young man from Birmingham. Ran as a Democrat in 2006 for Alabama Legislature, but later switched to the Republican Party. He is on staff for AEA affiliate newspaper, Alabama Political Reporter.
* Steve Flowers - former member of the Alabama Legislature from Pike County. Later ran for state senate against the conservative Hank Erwin. His uncle was the famous Richmond Flowers, who was Alabama Attorney General and led the anti-George Wallace movement in the past decades.

* Alabama Power -
Alabama Power may not officially be on the ballot, but as much money that it appears that they are spending, they as may as well be listed on the ballot.
Is Alabama Power Behind The Mask See documentation by investigative reporter, Eddie Curran on the tactics of Ala Power.
Who is Eddie Curran - famous Alabama investigative reporter. Alabama Power and parent company has spend millions of dollars to influence Alabama politics. The documentation is convincing and irrefutable. Eddie Curran, received notable fame for exposing the corruption of former Alabama Governor Don Sigeleman, and the famous book, Governor of Goat Hill.
Alabama Democrat Senator Roger Bedford exposed. The Corruption of Roger Bedford, Alabama Democrat State Senator

Young Boozer (R)- Incumbent
John McMillan (R) - Incumbent

Attorney General - Luther Strange (R) Incumbent

Alabama Candidates for Senate and Congress 2014

Senator Jeff Sessions (R) Unopposed

For a list of Senate and Ala Congressional Candidates all districts visit Alabama Senate and Congress Candidates

District 1:
Bradley Byrne (R)
Burton LeFlore (D)

District 2:
Martha Roby (R)
Erick Wright (D)

District 3:
Mike Rogers (R)
Thomas Casson (R) Tea Party Conservative
Jesse Smith (D)
Lisa Moore (Independent)

District 4:
Robert Aderholt (R)
Thomas Drake II (R)

District 5:
Mo Brooks (R)
Jerry Hill (R)
Mark Bray (Independent)

District 6:
Scott Beason (R)
Will Brooke (R)
Paul DeMarco (R)
Chad Mathis (R) - Tea Party Activist
Gary Palmer (R)
Rob Shattuck (R)
Tom Vigneulle (R)
Avery Vise (D)

District 7:
Terri Sewell (D)
Tamara Harris Johnson (D)


Meet the Alabama Gubernatorial Candidates 2014

Republican and Democrat Candidates for Alabama Gubernatorial Primary Election June, 2014 - with General Election: November, 2014.

Robert Bentley for Governor

Representative Robert J. Bentley was first elected to the Alabama House of Representatives in November,2002 and is serving his second term. He and his wife, Dianne, have four children: John, Paul, Luke, and Matthew. Dr. Bentley received his B.S. from the University of Alabama and his M.D. from the Medical College of Alabama. He is Board Certified by the American Board of Dermatology and is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology and the Medical Association of Alabama. A former Captain in the U.S. Air Force, Representative Bentley is also a life member of Vietnam Veterans of America. Further, he is a member of the American Legion.

Robert Bentley is a Deacon and Sunday School Teacher at the First Baptist Church, and serves on the Youth for Christ Advisory Board and Family Counseling Advisory Board. Dr. Bentley was also named in Best Doctors in America. He is a founding partner and president of Alabama Dermatology Associates, which is the largest dermatology practice in the Southeast. Comments and Observations
Governor Bentley is expected to have challenges from Stacy George, former County Commissioner from Morgan County,
Mary Scott Hunter, State School board member from Huntsville area.
Mary Scott is known for pushing the Obama Federal Common Core educational program.
Mary Scott Hunter education

Alabama Political Candidates Election Race 2014 AL

The Alabama candidates for governor are Robert Bentley. See issue information and data for each one.

Alabama Candidates For Governor State Position On Moral Issues

The below was taken from an article of the Mobile Press Register. Their information came from a

Alabama Tea Party, in cities across Alabama. - Big Montgomery Rally Click for more info: - Alabama Tea Party

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