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Congressman Parker Griffith became a Republican and surprised us.

Parker Griffith jumped into the political spotlight in 2004 running for Mayor of Huntsville. With a large vote from north Huntsville, Griffith made the run off, but lost to Loretta Spencer. In 2006, Parker Griffith won the Democratic nomination for Alabama State Senate, and won against Republican Cheryl Baswell Gurthrie in November 2006. In 2008, Parker Griffith won the nomination of the Democratic Party for Congress and went on to win against Republican Wayne Parker in November 2008 in a hard fought spirited contest.

Parker Griffith Background Griffith was born in Shreveport, Louisiana. He taught 7th-grade math at T.H. Harris Junior High School in Metairie, Louisiana prior to admission to medical school. He received his medical degree with honors from LSU Medical School in 1970. Parker Griffith and his brother Dr. Tom Griffith moved to Huntsville, Ala., and established the Huntsville Cancer Treatment Center, the state's first-ever comprehensive cancer-treatment facility. After a controversy concerning his treatment of cancer patients with the Huntsville Hospital, he retired from medicine in December 1992. He and his brother own several funeral homes in north Alabama.

Parker Griffith
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The simple fact is during 2009, Parker Griffith voted with Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats 84% of the time in Congress. A simple fact that Griffith needs to explain.

If you think that the Alabama Congressional Delegation should not be involved in the 5th Congressional Race for Congress. See No Parker Griffith You can call Senator Jeff Sessions and Senator Richard Shelby at:
Alabama Numbers for Richard Shelby: Tel: (205) 731-1384 Birmingham, Tel: (256) 772-0460 Huntsville
Alabama Numbers for Jeff Sessions : (205) 731-1500 Birmingham, (256) 533-0979 Huntsville
Alabama Numbers for Robert Aderholt Decatur District Office (256) 350-4093, Jasper District Office (205) 221-2310

Parker Griffith is in Trouble in Congressional Race

Race for 5th Congressional is Heating Up

Less than two weeks after he switched from Democrat to Republican, Rep. Parker Griffith is still the subject of the hottest political talk in his state of Alabama. His problem with the Democratic Party he so recently forsook may be only the beginning. Yesterday, his entire staff resigned. Perhaps the most cogent analysis of Griffith’s problems came from one of the state’s veteran conservative activist who spoke to me yesterday: “At a time when conservatives are looking for leaders and feel there are too many people more interested in politics and not issues, Griffith looks like the kind of office-holder who got us into trouble. His party switch appears disingenuous to folks I’ve talked to and, quite honestly, people just don’t like the guy.”

Eric Johnston, Birmingham attorney and president of the Alabama Pro-Life Coalition, made it clear he wanted his assessment of freshman lawmaker Griffith on the record. Johnston and I spoke yesterday soon after the news broke that all of the Alabama congressman’s Washington staff had resigned. As this was happening, Republicans in Griffith’s 5th District (Huntsville) were talking very openly about a challenge to the congressman their national party leaders in Washington had warmly welcomed to the GOP.

Small businessman Wayne Parker is considering another race for the seat that narrowly eluded him in ’08, this time in a primary against newly-minted Republican Griffith. Wayne Parker recalled to me how Griffith, as a Democratic senator in the Alabama Legislature before his election to Congress, had a liberal voting record. “And the bottom line in our campaign was that he would vote the Pelosi Democratic Party line in Congress,” he said, “and while he has made a few exceptions—such as opposing cap and trade and the health care bill with public option—he has generally done what the Democratic leadership wants.”

Already in the race and firing away at Griffith are businessman Les Phillip, a U.S. Naval Academy graduate, and former state legislator Mo Brooks. Both point out that, as a Democrat, Griffith made large campaign contributions to Howard Dean’s presidential campaign in 2004 and to the re-election of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Party Switchers have been beaten in Republican Primary

Shortly after Griffith’s surprise announcement that he was becoming a Republican. I spoke to the last Democratic House Member who switched parties and was thereupon defeated in the primary. Greg Laughlin of Texas, a four-term Blue Dog Democrat who became a Republican in 1995 and was defeated in the Republican Primary and Run-off the following year. When he became one of five Democratic House Members to switch parties in 1995, Laughlin had solid backing from national party leaders from Speaker Newt Gingrich on down and of then-Texas Gov. George W. Bush and then-Sen. Phil Gramm and present Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison.

“And I was backed by 22 of the 23 county Republican chairmen,” he added.

Despite the backing of the name brand Republicans, Congressman Greg Laughlin was defeated by the soft spoken country boy, Ron Paul. Written by by John Gizzi, Senior Political Editor at Human Events Read the the other half of the article at:

But can Griffith win the GOP Primary? Comments from Flashpoint

Griffith has FIVE MONTHS to win over GOP Primary voters, many of whom remember the Huntsville Hospital “unwarranted pain and suffering” documents – which implied that Griffith was a monster. Griffith either plans to ignore those voters or somehow mitigate the damage caused by last year’s campaign.

Griffith must somehow make peace with Dale Jackson of WVNN, who is engaged in a death match against him. Facing Dale on his radio show could mitigate this issue, since IIRC the death match began because Griffith didn’t carry out his promise to appear. Jackson doesn’t reach all of AL05, but I think he’s influential in Huntsville. IMO these two issues only reach Huntsville GOP primary voters.

Another mostly Huntsville factor is the Tea Party. My guess is that the Tea Party had some role in electing Senator Paul Sanford and – so they’re on a roll. Christie Carden of the Tea Party said that she doesn’t consider Griffith to be a “constitutional conservative”, which is her biggest criteria for voting (she’ll vote for Griffith “when pigs fly”). Clearly Griffith has his work cut out there.

The biggest obstacles Griffith faces are Mo Brooks and Les Phillip.
Both of these guys are solid conservatives. There’s a good chance that Griffith will draw much more money due to the power of incumbency. Read the rest of the story at Flashpoint: Flash Point Blog

Parker Griffith - The Candidate on the Hot Seat

Dale Jackson comments on Congressman Griffith: The Parker Griffith
Parker Griffith his actions reflect that he is against slowing the tide of illegal immigration in Alabama, Parker Griffith ,

In his private life, Parker Griffith has demonstrated that he was very talented and made a fortune as a medical doctor and in his chain of funeral homes. Griffith has shown himself to be a generous person in donations, giving generously to Democrats like Senator Harry Reid, Howard Dean, Congressman Artur Davis, Congressman Bud Cramer, and many more.

Parker Griffith has actively supported Government Health Care

Griffith actively campaigned for government run health care (then known as “Universal Health Care”) in his 2006 campaign for Alabama Senate and 2008 campaign for Congress. Huntsville Times, May 31, 2006 & August 25, 2009; Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee News Release, January 21, 2010.

After pushing Universal Health Care, he claims to be leaving the Democratic side because of the Health Care Bill on the table right now. What??? Not everyone will be covered by the current bill, therefore, his old position was actually more liberal than the one the Democrats are pushing today. Griffith claimed to have switched because the Democratic Party moved away from him. The facts presented clearly show that Parker Griffith’s switch was done for political, not ideological reasons. When it comes down to it, the guy just can not be trusted.

2008 You Tube Video The Parker Griffith

Voting Record Congressman Griffith, - Rated by John Birch Society 40% Conservative - 60% Liberal

However, Griffith’s voting record as shown in "The Freedom Index" is rated at only 40 percent. According to The New American, this index “rates Congressmen based on their adherence to constitutional principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, national sovereignty, and traditional foreign policy of avoiding foreign entanglements.” By way of comparison, Alabama Senators Shelby and Sessions are rated at 70 percent and 89 percent, Congressman Artur Davis was rated at 25%, respectively.,

Democratic pollster John Anzalone said Griffith would have faced a difficult re-election as a Democrat and “undoubtedly was worried about his prospects in a conservative district... You never can really figure out the motivation [to switch parties]. Usually it’s political opportunism.”

2 Polls on Congress 5th Congressional
The first poll reflected that most conservatives thought that Parker Griffith does not belong in the Republican Party, with the majority recommending that he not be on the ballot of the Republican Party.
The second poll reflects a strong grass roots support of three potential candidates, with Parker Griffith showing weak support among the conservative wing of the Republican Party.

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    The simple fact is during 2009, Parker Griffith voted with Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats 84% of the time in Congress. A simple fact that Griffith needs to explain.
    No Parker Griffith

    What are your comments on Parker Griffith and the other candidates in the 5th Congressional Race? - Share your comments here for others to read: