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The Billion Dollar Bob Tax Plan. With the election of Bob Riley in 2002, conservatives were jubilant that liberal Don Sigeleman was leaving office. The conservative joy was short lived, for soon after taking office, the famous Billion Dollar Tax Plan was announced, which was the largest proposed tax increase in Alabama history.  Conservative Republicans were in shock.  Republican members of the Legislature had not been consulted and were angry.  Democrats in the legislature were happy to pass the the massive Riley Tax Plan, as they were tax happy anyway and thought there were assisting Bob Riley with political suicide.  Even RINO Republicans were upset.  The Alabama State Republican Executive Committee passed a resolution condemning this massive tax hike.  Overwhelmng rejected by the voters, the AEA and Bob Riley got half of what they wanted by a Riley executive order requiring annual tax appraisals of property values.  With the home selling boom in the during the 2000 years, many property owners had their property taxes double within a few years.  Despite the massive tax increases being rejected at the polls, Bob Riley still leaves office having the distinction of raising property taxes more than any governor in Alabama history. Read about, Bob Riley, Reaganite Gone Wrong.

Income Tax Breaks.  While the Democrats and Black Caucus pushed through a tax break for the bottom income levels, the middle class got left out of the deal.  Despite having enough Republican votes in the Senate to force a middle class tax cut, Bob Riley allowed the liberal Democrats to rule the day.

Abortion. Bob Riley made it a point to publicly say that we needed no more laws on abortion.  Despite the fact that Mississippi had one abortion clinics to Alabama's ten, Bob Riley took no action. To the credit of Fob James, executive orders were instituted to require abortion clinics maintain minimum medical standards.  Governor Don Sigeleman removed the Fob James executive restrictions, and Bob Riley ignored the pleas of the pro life community to take action.  All legislations to restrict abortion in the Alabama Legislature got nowhere and got no support from the Riley Administration. After the gross neglect and untimely death of a young lady in an abortion clinic in Birmingham, the abortion clinic was closed, only to the dismay of the pro life community, to reopen again with the approval of the Riley Health Department.

Abortions are being performed at UAB, Bob Riley refuses to take action.

Politically Correct Bob Riley

Slavery Apology.  Bob Riley stood with the liberal media, Democrats and endorsed the apology for slavery in the name of political correctness.  With the Democrat legislature voting for an Apology, not a single Republican in the Alabama Legislature registered a vote for this Obama politically correct style legislation.

Little action on Illegal Immigration.  As the illegal immigration population grew by leaps and bounds, Governor Riley refuses to take aggressive action on the large number of illegals moving into the state.  Law enforcement officials get little help from the Governor Riley who quitely ignores the problem.  No major push from the Governor's Office for legislation on illegal immigrations.

Illegal Gambling.  Bob Riley to his credit, took major steps of action in his last year of office to crack down on illegal gambling in the state. Major gambling operations were closed.  While we are glad of these actions, 2 questions remain unanswered:
  1. Why no enforcement against gambling the first 7 years of the Riley Administration?
  2. Why no enforcement against the Indian gambling operations in the state?
"The long-term impact of Riley's anti-bingo crusade will be to create an "Indian gaming monopoly" in Alabama unless further action is taken."  Quote from the Huntsville Times, Jan 16, 2011.


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