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Herman Cain vs. Ron Paul Federal Reserve

Herman Cain Tea Party

Herman Cain and the Tea Party

Herman Cain has campaigned to get the tea party vote and support. While his 9 9 9 plan is interesting, he has not gotten received popular appeal among the tea party types. "Defending the American Dream" summit in Washington on Aug. 27, 2010. Current GOP flavor-of-the-month Herman Cain has tried to cast himself as an outsider, despite his ties to the Federal Reserve - and attempts to protect it from an audit by calling those who want one "stupid" - and his recent statement that Alan Greenspan was his idea of a good Fed chairman.
His catchy 9-9-9 slogan, which he repeats ad nauseum in response to almost every question, has resonated with Tea Party folks and conservative Republicans. But outsider he ain’t, as Congressman Ron Paul pointed out in the Dartmouth, N.H., debate on Oct. 10. In addition to serving as head of the Kansas City Federal Reserve, Cain supported the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) bailouts and wrote that those who opposed it were "economic illiterates." Yet Cain admits he missed the coming economic collapse and the housing bubble, blaming it on underlings for not giving him all the details of the situation. Herman Cain Tea Party candidate for president.

Cain is finding that front-runner status brings added scrutiny, and now The Associated Press is reporting that Cain has deep ties to billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch - the Republican version of George Soros - and their Americans for Prosperity advocacy group. Cain’s campaign manager and a number of aides have worked for AFP, and Cain often has spoken at AFP events. His 9-9-9 plan was devised by a businessman who served on an AFP advisory board. The Kochs are as big a part of the corporatocracy that infests Washington as Soros, Big Pharma, the unions or trail lawyers. The Kochs line the pockets of Republican candidates in order to buy favored legislation or, in some cases, to get regulatory agencies to look the other way so their plants can dump industrial waste into our neighborhoods.

The Herman Cain Caught in Brazen Debate

Should he win the GOP nomination, Cain’s ties to the Kochs and his lack of economic understanding don’t bode well for any hope of a change in Washington. Meanwhile, Dr. Paul, the only candidate not sullied by the big money players in control of the Nation’s capital and the only hope we have of significant changes in the status quo, continues to toil along and poll in the top tier despite a media blackout that has seen him get the least coverage of all the candidates. Herman Cain tea party.

And Paul understands economics like few others. He warned way back in 2003 that the housing bubble was going to burst and the country was headed for economic collapse. Filed Under: Conservative Politics, Election 2012, Freedom Watch, Hot Topics.

Herman Cain in his previous run for US Senator from Georgia, openly endorsed affirmative action on his web site. From WSB Debate Another area where Cain differed from his opponents was over the reauthorization of the Voting Rights Act and Affirmative Action.
Herman Cain for President - http://christiancitizens.org/herman_cain_for_president.html

I do not have a problem with appointing an openly gay person.
Herman Cain for President on Gay Rights Issues

Herman Cain for President 2012
Herman Cain for President



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