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Who is herman cain for president?

Herman Cain presiential


Herman Cain on the Issues

Herman Cain for President
Herman Cain for President 2012

We ask about who he is. Read about Herman Cain, presidential candidates makes these comments on the issues of the day. The business world in America is broken into two primary camps. There is wall street,which represents corporate America, the banking cartels, and global commerce, and then there is main street, which represents the local business owner, and primary provider of employment in the US. Herman Cain represents the wall street side of the business world, and Ron Paul represents the main street division.

Herman Cain

While Herman Cain may unofficially have won the Fox News Republican Presidential debate on Thursday evening, and is known by many as a savvy and successful businessman, his track record shows his allegiance is to corporate America, and is not the fiscal conservative the country needs now in our economic state.
Herman Cain No audit of Federal Reserve
Further defends the Federal Reserve Herman Cain Federal Reserve
More Fed Reserve documentation of flip flopping.

Herman Cain Federal Reserve

Herman Cain, besides being an well established businessman, is also a former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. In fact, on his radio show earlier this year, Mr. Cain advocated there was no need to audit the Federal Reserve, despite the overwhelming evidence of the central bank's misuse of their charter.

While his knowledge of the Federal Reserve is obviously profound, he is strangely silent of the issues of the Federal Reserve, as he says little about it, and has said that we do not need an audit of the Federal Reserve. Not conservative on the Federal Reserve Audit The Herman Cain
No reason to audit the Fed Reserve Herman Cain

Herman Cain of Georgia on Radio

On the radio, the establishment point of view has been presented. During the Fox News Presidential debate Mr. Cain was outspoken for the need to implement the Fair Tax system which has been brought before Congress during the past few years. The Fair Tax is a tax on purchases, and also pays out annual subsidies for poorer citizens based on their incomes. Herman Cain No audit of Federal Reserve

Liberal on gay rights Herman Cain

Who is Presidential Candidate Herman Cain and where does he stand on the issues.

Herman Cain can speak well and did well in recent debates. He now has a strong pro life message. However, when he ran before, Herman Cain was very pro choice. He has a right to change. Herman Cain for President 2012

Herman Cain Bumper Stickers for President 2012
Herman Cain Bumper Stickers for President 2012

Herman Cain was previously a President of a Federal Reserve Bank, but he is opposed to an audit of the federal reserve. He previously endorsed the TARP bailout. So Herman has a very pro banking record an has been in high banking places.

Sarah Palin is very good looking and we a beauty queen to be our cheerleader. Can sweet Sarah handle leadership and can she be CEO of a large nation.
Sarah Palin, presidential needs to study history more before making quotes about Paul Revere. Sarah Palin Quotes

Herman Cain and Obama on Church

At Antioch, Cain has had to share the pews with fiery critics of the Republican Party like Joe Beasley, a man born to sharecroppers who once said he’s been called the “N-word” more times than he can count. Beasley is a deacon at Antioch and serves as Southern regional director for Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition. He also knows Cain and has no problem with his presence at Antioch. Further Joe Beasley of Rainbow PUSH Coalition, publicly endorsed Herman Cain when he previously ran for US Senate of Georgia.
Herman Cain and Church

Herman Cain Presidential Candidate of the Past - Conflicting Stand on Issues Here is some analysis from Louis Jacobson in the March 6, 1999 edition of The National Journal: "But unlike many in his party, Cain opposes school vouchers for private schools and backs efforts only to revisit, not eliminate, affirmative action. He declined to give his position on abortion rights. In the primaries, Cain's moderate social stances could pose problems. Not a main stream conservative."


Herman Cain for President
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