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Alabama Home Rule Constitutional Amendment

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Alabama Home Rule Amendment

Alabama Home Rule - Potential Dangers For those counties that have tried it, there have been some major problems. The major issues are: Major tax increases, Many more government regulations, Major increases of big government and a lot of overpowering fines for lack of compliance to government rules.

For Safeguards, any new Home Rule bill should:have: 1. No tax increases without vote of the people. 2. No additional government regulations, unless their is a vote of the people. 3. Allow 10% of the voters to petition to require a vote to repeal any current taxes. 4. Allow 10% of the voters to petition to require a vote to repeal any current regulations. 5. Allow 10% of the voters to petition to require a vote to repeal Home Rule, allowing the undoing of this new government experiment.

The above allows democracy in action at the local level. Why is Home Rule being pushed by the liberal newspapers, the AEA, and the liberal Constitutional reform groups? They want more taxes for education and more government control of our lives. The above provides safeguards, and anyone who believes in democracy should not object to the above provisions.

Vote NO to Home Rule, unless amended with above safeguards.

Local self-government sounds good in principle and ought to be a healthy step away from an Alabama State constitution deemed outdated – and one that prohibits home rule in many cases. However, as an October 10 article by Don Casey in Shelby County’s Beacon newspaper points out, “Home Rule” is often better described as “The Ruse and the Road to Serfdom.” The Alliance for Citizens Rights opposes the Limited Self-Governance Act because model ordinances permit behavior not sanctioned by the Constitution of the United States, such as search of private property without a warrant or the ability to declare personal property to be “junk” without appeal options.

Marshall County already tried out its new legislative wings April 29, 2008 by declaring a local landowner’s property to be not “in the public interest,” an orientation many regard as fascist. As Don Casey writes, “this system under Hitler and Mussolini was known as Fascism. Today it is called ‘sustainable communities.’” The landowner in question, Jean Tresch, seemed to feel the same way, as suggested by her comment (see video below) “It’s like the Nazis…my eyes ain’t blue enough…”

Click for more information http://www.theredmountainpost.com/property-rights-in-alabama-how-home-rule-can-mean-tyranny-7531/

Alabama Keep Your Rights - http://www.keepourrights.org
Click for more information ALLIANCE FOR CITIZENS RIGHTS Alabama Constitution

Alert!! Alert!! Alert!!!

This 2011 Bill has just been introduced in the Alabama Legislature

HOME RULE LEGISLATION Is back And it is Worse Than Ever

Hb-181 is coming up for a vote in committee. There will be a Public Hearing and supposedly a committee vote on this bill Wednesday, April 7th (day after tomorrow).

The hearing will start at 1:30PM in Room 622 (6th floor) in the Statehouse in Montgomery. Seating is very limited, so if you intend to speak, you need to get there early and get a seat.

NOTE: At the end of this message there will be a list of who you need to call and what numbers you need to call to register your opinion.

You will probably only get to the secretary of your Legislator, who will record your opinion. Please be polite. These ladies are just earning a living like you are, so do not vent your rage upon them. They can’t do any thing but record your call. Politely, but firmly state your opinion. HOWEVER be AWARE that when they receive a large number of calls, a Legislator will often select callers at random and call them back.

Should they answer your call or call you back, they will ask you questions and listen to your responses in order to determine if you are knowledgeable on the issue (or just someone who was asked to call) and also try to determine how passionate you are about this issue. Do your homework – read the information below several times and be prepared to defend your position. Remember, you are the voter who controls who gets into or stays in office, do not threaten but you can say that you are recording the vote for future reference and that you intend to stay involved in the democratic process.

History of Home Rule

(We all should know about the evils of this so-called Home Rule Legislation. But in case there are some of you who are new to the struggle to limit government expansion, here is a short history.)

“The Limited Self-governance Act,” better known as Home Rule, was passed in 2005 as a state wide Amendment. This act allowed local County Commissions to place Limited Self-governance on the ballot for a vote of the people. The problem is, as the communist are fond of saying, this was a “one vote, one man, one time” then never again ploy to establish total local governmental control of many land use and privacy issues. (They were careful to state in the bill that it did not contain direct zoning and taxing authority, which was true, but it allowed many defacto zoning provisions without actually establishing zones, and taxing provisions in the form of fines.)

This bill was very deceptive. Disguised as a Health and Safety bill, which is a term so broad that it can be applied to almost anything, (and who is not in favor of health and safety anyway) the bill contained a hidden agenda. Home Rule is actually a draconian take over of private property rights and a promotion of Sustainable Development under international, not US, guidelines as envisioned under the Socialist’s doctrines and concepts promoted by Agenda 21 of the United Nations. The ballot language also was duplicitous, only mentioning issues concerning Health and Safety and often in such a confusing manner that even those who wanted to vote against the measure were confused as how to cast their vote. The vast majority of voters did not understand the real effects of this bill until after they had passed it and local officials began to pass enforcement ordinances, started sending out code enforcement officers, and fining people (mostly the poor and the elderly) to the tune of $150 per/day for minor infractions and threatening to take their homes and land if they could not pay the fines.

Even under the extreme pressure the state County Commissioners Association (ACCA) placed on local County Commissioners to get Home Rule in place, in the six years since the Amendment’s passage, only 19 counties have put it in place. Everywhere Home Rule has been established it has created hate, discontent and widespread dissention among the citizens, often resulting in the commissioners who passed it being thrown out of office, and in the case of one of the first counties to actually try and enforce these draconian measures both the commission was replaced and the measure repealed. This leaves 18 counties with Home Rule somewhere in the beginning stages of development.

Most County Commissioners now realize that this measure is toxic and stay away from it.

Should you have any doubt as to the true intentions of the proponents of Home Rule, Sonny Brassfield who is now head of the Association of County Commissioners, and who is pushing Home Rule hard, was quoted in the Birmingham News as saying that, “once people grow accustomed to Home Rule they will accept county wide and then state wide zoning and taxing.”

This measure has nothing to do with “Health and Safety.” We have plenty of laws on the books to cover that already. This is ALL ABOUT ZONING, LAND USE PLANNING AND PROPERTY TAXES.

Home Rule - The Sequel

Please read the history of Home Rule above first in order to understand the general intentions of this new Bill, Hb181.

Hb181: This bill is intended to be a back door measure to implement Home Rule +. The measure is written in a very convoluted way, seemingly repeating the language over and over in a confusing manner. But the crux of the matter is that this is a bill designed to implement the tenants of Home Rule statewide without requiring a vote of the people as an Amendment would require. This measure also allows the County Commission to pick and chose from a menu of ordinances and regulations and then pass them a few at a time, forcing the voters opposed to these measures to continually have to defend themselves and their property from government intrusion and thereby wear down their opposition. If the Commission loses one issue they can just move on to the next or stack separate measures that would have to be fought all at once on separate fronts. This would also allow counties that have had Home Rule repealed, and which are not allowed to bring the measure back up, under Limited Self-governance, for a period of four years from the date of the repeal, to once again implement Home Rule without the waiting period. In Bibb County they tried to pass Home Rule in the form of a local amendment which did not contain the repeal provision. (This measure was defeated by an 82% margin once the voters found out what the politicians were up to.) It would appear that the ACCA greatly fears a repeal by the voters and are therefore trying to implement the “one man, one vote, one time and never again,” method of socialistic control.

This new bill is much worse than the original because it does allow “Land Use Planning, Zoning and Taxation,” (This is the part that they say has been amended. We suspect trickery.) to be imposed upon the citizens. This bill would in effect allow your local County Commission to become “Property Czars” who would enforce Sustainable Development doctrines, and in order to receive their Federal grants, would be pressured into following Federal Directives and controls.

The National Association of County Commissioners has stated openly that they have been pursuing Sustainability under Agenda 21 for over twenty years. They in turn have indoctrinated the State Association (ACCA) who is indoctrinating the local County Commissioners, who for the most part have no idea what this is really all about, but who none the less usually comply with the wishes of the state association and thereby betray their constituents into losing their rights as citizens.

PLEASE call this list first. Then call the sponsors list. (Especially, call anyone from your district. (WE NEED TO KILL THIS MONSTER IN COMMITTEE.)

Alabama Home Rule (Who Ya Gonna Call)

Committee - County & Municipal Government Place - Room 7625- Georgia Arrington,

Steve McMillan (R) Bay Minette, 334-242-7723 Chairperson

Randy Wood (R) Anniston, 334-242-7700 Vice Chairperson

Demetrius Newton (D) Birmingham, 334-242-7546 Ranking Minority Member;

Alan Boothe (R) Troy, 334-242-7710

Napoleon Bracy (D) Prichard, 334-242-7756

Owen Drake (R) Leeds, 334-242-7727

Allen Farley (R) McCalla, 334-242-7767

Jeremy H. Oden (R) Vinemont, 334-242-7722 Patricia Todd (D) Birmingham, 334-242-7718

Dan Williams (R) Athens, 334-242-7741

New Alabama Home Rule

(Who Ya Gonna Call)

Sponsors of Home Rule Bill (HB181)

Madison Jim Patterson (R) Meridianville, 334-242-7531

Demetrius Newton (D) Birmingham, 334-242-7546

Mike Ball (R) Madison, 334-242-7683

Dexter Grimsley (D) Newville, 334-242-7740

Patricia Todd (D) Birmingham, 334-242-7718

John Merrill (R) Tuscaloosa, 334-242-7554

John Robinson (D) Scottsboro, 334-242-7728

Darrio Melton (D) Selma, 334-242-7540

Johnny Mack Morrow (D) Red Bay, 334-242-7698

Limestone, Madison Mac McCutcheon (R) Capshaw, 334-242-7705

(Blount, Cullman, Morgan) Jeremy H. Oden (R) Vinemont, 334-242-7722

Mike Hill (R) Columbiana, 334-242-7715

Take 60 seconds and call leave a short message

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