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Congressman Parker Griffith With President Obama

with Obama
Congressman Parker Griffith

Information about Alabama's newest Republican Congressman - Issue information about the candidates for Congress 5th District - INFORMATION 5TH CONGRESSIONAL RACE Congressman Parker Griffith
Alabama Constitutional Amendment One

Immigration News Great Conservative News on anti immigration

Alabama Tea Party

Alabama Tea Party, to be held in cities across Alabama. - -
Montgomery Winter- Welcome Back Rally, March 1, 2011 - Click for more info: - Alabama Tea Party

Alabama Gun Shows

Over 20 Gun Shows will be in Alabama during this year, and one near you. Do you have adequate protection during these perilous times? For an Alabama Gun Show near you, click here: Gun Control Debate

Alabama Conservative Candidates 2010 November Election Recommendations For a list of recommended conservative candidates in Alabama for 2010, state wide and local, visit:
American Conservative

Alabama Constitutional Amendments to the state Constitution. Recommendations, Read the details at: Alabama Constitution Amendments

For Candidate Recommendations from conservative perspective: - Conservative Voting Guide Alabama Candidates for Governor 2010 Alabama governor potential hopefuls are now only Robert Bentley and Ron Sparks
Robert Bentley - Alabama Governor

After an exciting Republican primary, Robert Bentley proved himself to be a man of character and as the voters learned who he was, they have learned to admire him. Robert Bentley is a medical doctor from Tuscaloosa, and a member of the Alabama Legislature
Robert Bentley, Robert Bentley for Governor

Ron Sparks has been the Alabama Agricultural Commissioner for the past 8 years. Ron has proven himself to be a very shrewd politician. To win the Democrat nomination, Ron Sparks moved to the left of Congressman Artur Davis, and out Obama him. As Artur Davis was moving to the middle, Ron Sparks appealed to the core left wing polices of liberalism to gain the heart and sole support of the left. Congressman Davis voted against Obama Care Medical Plan, while Sparks openly supported it. With the support of one of the major black groups and Ron Sparks was able to pull off an upset win. He is now saddled with left wing positions and is viewed as being a main stream Obama in his philosophy and positions.
Ron Sparks, Ron Sparks Alabama Governor

To find out more details about each of the candidates for Governor of Alabama, where they stand on the issues visit: Alabama Governor Candidates
Do you know where the candidates stand on the issues? Which major candidate does not support the public display of the Ten Commandments? Ten Commandments Music

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Jeff Enfinger

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LS Alabama History LS Ala, The LS Ala

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Judge Moore
Ten Commandments Lawsuit

Weekly Bible Verses brought to you by Conservative Christians of Alabama

Psalm 15:4
who despises a vile man but honors those who fear the LORD, who keeps his oath even when it hurts,

Psalm 69:26
For they persecute those you wound and talk about the pain of those you hurt.

Proverbs 23:35
"They hit me," you will say, "but I'm not hurt! They beat me, but I don't feel it! When will I wake up so I can find another drink?"

Proverbs 26:28
A lying tongue hates those it hurts, and a flattering mouth works ruin.

Congressman Parker Griffith

The facts and background of - Bradley Byrne - the Bradley Byrne

Chiropractic is a natural healing profession that does not use drugs or surgery.

Kentucky Candidates for Governor

Herman Cain for President 2016

Herman Cain for President

Herman Cain Tea Party

Rick Perry for President

Rick Perry Campaign for President in 2016

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