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Alabama Conservative Endorsements

Vote in July 15 Run Off

Matt Chancey - Alabama Public Service Commissioner

Lucie McLemore - Court of Criminal Appears PL 1

Harri Anne Smith - Congress - 2nd District

Wayne Parker - Congress - 5th District -

Madison County
Cory Brown - Tax Collector

Cullman County
Stanley Yarbrough - County Commissioner Chairman

Winston County
Roger Hayes - County Commissioner Chairman

Marshall County
County Commissioner Dist 2 - Vote No to the Incumbent

County Commissioner Dist 3 - Vote No to the Incumbent
Shelby County
Earl Cunningham - County Commissioner

Coffee County
Jason Bruce - County Commissioner

More Local Races - To be listed soon - Check Back.

For June 3 Alabama Primary

Jeff Sessions - US Senate

Matt Chancey - Alabama Public Service Commissioner

Stephanie Bell - State Board of Education District 3

Randy McKinney - State Board of Education District 1

Lucie McLemore Court of Criminal Appears PL 1

Duncan Crow Court of Criminal Appeals PL 2

Congress - 2nd District - David Woods

Congress - 5th District - George Barry

More Local Races - To be listed soon - Check Back.

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Alabama Local Races

North Alabama

Madison County

Robert (Bob) Long County - Commissioner 1
Faye Dyer - County Commissioner 2
Mo Brooks - County Commissioner 5
Cory Brown - Tax Collector
Against - Referendum to raise sales taxes Vote on June 3

Morgan County

Stacy George - County Commissioner
Mickey Maddox - Revenue Commissioner
Brent Craig - District Judge Place 1
Huel Harris - District Judge Place 3

Cullman County

Stanley Yarbrough - County Commissioner Chairman

Marshall County

John Neeley - County Commissioner Dist 2
Robert Ware - County Commissioner Dist 3
Sherwin Wigley - Board of Education

Blount County

Andy Neil - County Commissioner
Bruce McAfee - Board of Education
Ann Self - Revenue Commissioner

Winston County

Sue Reed - Sup. of Board of Education
Eddy Shipman - Board of Education Dict 3
Joe Laseter - Board of Education Dist 4

Lauderdale County

John Hargett - County Commissioner

South Alabama

Mobile County

John Graham - County Comm. Dist. 3
Michelle McDermott Mayberry - License Commissioner
Al Sessions - County Treasurer
Phil Benson - Revenue Commissioner

Baldwin County

Ron Scott - Revenue Commissioner Baldwin County

Covington County

Greg White - County Commission Chairman

Dale County

Donald Bynum - Dale Co School Supt

Virginia Howard - Dale County Republican Ex. Committee
Margaret Dobbs - Dale County Republican Ex. Committee

Montgomery County

Ashley Aaron - County Commission

Elmore County

Maura Culberson - District Judge

Conservative Christians evaluates candidates on issues dealing with a pro family, and pro life values as well as issues as anti-illegal immigration and tax increases. We believe that Republican office holders should act like Republicans.

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Alabama Conservative News

The latest Alabama Conservative News can be found at: Alabama Conservative

Eagle Forum of Alabama

Tim James

So far, the only candidate officially to declare his candidacy is Republican businessman Tim James of Greenville. James, the son of former Gov. Fob James.

Two or three aspirants could not wait until 2009 to announce their intentions and pronounced their entry during the 2008 election cycle. Tim James, a Greenville businessman and son of former Gov. Fob James, has not only announced but has been campaigning full-time for almost a year. After a 3rd place showing in the 2002 GOP primary, he has decided that the early bird gets the worm. James has a staff in place and is busy traveling the state. He supposedly has made a lot of money on a toll road he built in Baldwin County during his father's administration. If so, he will be able to self finance his campaign.

Scott Beason has a reputation for a integrity and conservative values. In a rating of the Alabama Legislature, Scott Beason was rated the Number 1 Conservative House Member on tax and moral issues.

Scott Beason opposed the Billion Dollar Bob Tax Plan. Scott Beason will work to stop the annual reappraisal of property values which is an annual tax increase. Scott Beason received a rating of "A" from the Christian Coalition Scorecard. Scott Beason has consistently stood against the special interest groups:


A Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh

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