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America is not as conservative as it seemed in 2004 and it isn't as liberal as it looks this morning.

What happened is that four years ago, voters put their trust in one political party to run the country and they didn't like the results, and so, over the course of two elections, they systematically threw out that political party and turned to a different one. If Democrats disappoint the public, they could be waking up on a not so distant November morning just as devastated as Republicans are today.

Those who are in the profession of writing the first rough draft of history would have us believe that a single election result can signal the end of an intellectual tradition, but actual history instructs us otherwise. This is especially true for conservatism, which rose from the staggering defeat of one its own in 1964, to a glorious triumph 16 years later.

John McCain is eccentric and idiosyncratic. During the campaign, he railed against Wall Street greed and excessive CEO pay on the one hand and against his opponent's plans to redistribute wealth on the other; he called for a spending freeze while proposing that government spend hundreds of billions of dollars to freeze home foreclosures by partially socializing the housing market.

Alabama Conservatism Endorsements

Jeff Sessions - US Senate

Greg Shaw - Alabama Supreme Court
Judge Greg Shaw a person with a good reputation and a Christian testimony.

Mary Windom - Court of Criminal Appeals

Beth Killum - Court of Criminal Appeals

Judge Bill Thompson - Court of Civil Appeals

Judge Bill Thompson may be the lesser of two evils, as he has voted correctly on most of his decisions.
Is he better than his Democrat opponent, Kim Drake? But, let us not forget that it was Bill Thompson that provided over the lynching trial of Judge Roy Moore and his decision removed him from office. Reminds us of Pontitus Pilate. Judge Bill Thompson

Stephanie Bell - State Board of Education District 3

Randy McKinney - State Board of Education District 1

Wayne Parker - Congress - 5th District - Huntsville Mayor Race
Tommy Battle
Tommy Battle previously served on the Huntsville City Council and did a good job. He is the recommended candidate.

Much has been currently said about Dr. Parker Griffith serving in the Huntsville Hospital. Due to a lack of action, it appears that he is pro-choice on abortion. Check out the facts. Parker Griffith Huntsville Hospital Parker Griffith - Parker Griffith Congress

Alabama Constitutional Amendments

Recommend Vote NO to the two Alabama Constitutional Amendments on November 4, 2008.
Tim James explains problems with the two amendments to the Alabama Constitution.
The Alabama Trust Fund was originated under Governor Fob James. It was established as a Trust Fund. Governor Fob James opposes the Trust Fund being raided. Gov. Bob Riley supports this constitution amendment. When in doubt vote no on all Alabama Constitutional Amendments. Alabama Constitution Amendments - - Alabama Constitutional Amendments

Conservative Christians evaluates candidates on issues dealing with a pro family, and pro life values as well as issues as anti-illegal immigration and tax increases. We believe that Republican office holders should act like Republicans.

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Alabama Republican Assembly

Additional candidate information can be found at Alabama Republican Assembly

Alabama Conservative News

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Eagle Forum of Alabama

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Scott Beason was rated the Number 1 Conservative House Member on tax and moral issues.

Scott Beason opposed the Billion Dollar Bob Tax Plan. Scott Beason will work to stop the annual reappraisal of property values which is an annual tax increase. Scott Beason received a rating of "A" from the Christian Coalition Scorecard. Scott Beason has consistently stood against the special interest groups: http://www.ccofal.org/alabama/Scorecard.pdf

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