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Birmingham Mayoral Elections 2013 Mayor Candidates

Birmingham Mayor and city council elections


 Birmingham Mayor  city council

Birmingham City Council Candidates Elections 2013

Keith Rice - District 1
Kim Raffety - District 2., is the only conservative candidate that can win.
Gerri Robinson - District 8

Green Collier School Board District 1

Birmingham Mayoral Candidates Elections 2013

Birmingham will elect a Mayor on August 27, 2013. Signs have sprouted downtown promoting incumbent William Bell for mayor in the Aug. 23 election, but former candidates and professional political observers said an abbreviated term, the challenge of fund raising and a short campaign season will preclude serious challengers from seeking the office. They expect something nearly unheard of in Birmingham city politics -- a quiet campaign season.

Candidates for Birmingham Mayoral Race 2013 Alabama

Candidates for Mayor of Birmingham are: Mayor William Bell,
Mayor William Bell has made official his intentions to seek another two years at City Hall.

Birmingham Election for Mayor 2013 Information and Conservative Recommendation

The contest will be called on Friday by the city's election commission, officially beginning the season to qualify. Candidates have until Aug. 12 to register.
The next election is for an abbreviated two-year term ending in 2013, when a new combined mayor-and-council election cycle begins. It's then, not this summer, that Bell could face a real challenge, several said.

Mayor William Bell has done a creditable job, and has tried to do the right thing concerning fiscal responsibility.

Conservative Candidate Recommendations Mayoral Race for Birmingham Mayor 2011

Mayor Bell is recommended.

Comments about Mayor William Bell
On Tuesday, August 23, Birmingham residents will elect a Mayor to serve for the next two years. This term was shortened to two years to accommodate the change in the law. Beginning in 2013, the Birmingham Mayor and City Council will be elected in the same elections.

We would urge that you go to the polls on Tuesday, August 23 and vote to re-elect Mayor William Bell for the following reasons:
* Mayor Bell inherited a financial mess and has worked hard to restore fiscal sanity to city government.
* Mayor Bell has displayed courage in tackling the size of city government and has made cuts that offended certain constituencies.
* Mayor Bell did not resort to raising taxes to cover the city's shortfall. Instead, Mayor Bell took on the difficult task of cutting the size of city government.
* Unlike other big-city mayors, Mayor Bell has not taken on exotic social causes and crusades. For this reason, out-of-state money was funneled into Birmingham in the last election to defeat Mayor Bell.
Please go to the polls this Tuesday, August 27 and vote to re-elect Mayor William Bell.





Previous Birmingham Mayoral Election 2010

Birmingham voters have made their choices on December 8, and have voted . In the 2010 January 19 Runoff, voters now get to choose between Patrick Cooper and William Bell.

Vote Tuesday, January 19

The better of the 2 is, appears to be William Bell.
William Bell is being supported by the following conservatives: Jimmy Blake
Former mayor candidates and proven conservatives: Emory Anthony and Jody Trautwein

Patrick Cooper and the Gay community have embraced each other.

Previously Mayor Kincade did a a very responsible job as mayor. But the voters choose to go with a proven crook, Larry Langford. Voters further decided in the Birmingham City Council elections in August 2009 to re-elect corruption. In short the voters have voted for insanity and judgment. Bankruptcy for the city and county appear to be the only choice to control spending and have a little financial sanity.
The question now becomes which is the lesser of 2 evils, Patrick Cooper and William Bell. It is very distributing that Patrick Cooper received strong support from the Gay Community. This begs the question as what deals were made? It appears that supporters of William Bell may not have been as liberal as those of Patrick Cooper.

In Jefferson County, the greatest disappointment has been Betty Fine Collins. She started out as a solid conservative. With years of power, her brain got adversely effected. With her major decision to give the control of the county to the liberal Democrats, financial irresponsibility continues. There is one thing that is just as bad as a liberal Obama Democrat, that is a RINO Republican that goes along with the corruption and power of the Democrats.

14 choices for Mayor of Birmingham, in the December 8, 2009 election.

On Tuesday, December 8, Birmingham voters in the polls to elect a Mayor for the unexpired term of former Mayor Larry P. Langford. The image of our city has been tarnished by scandals. The financial standing has been damaged by wild spending. The morale of our city is low.
Birmingham needs a wise, prudent leader who will challenge, inspire, casting a vision,yet without a taxing-and-spending agenda.

Birmingham candidates for Mayor are:
Emery Anthony , William Bell , T.C. Cannon , Patrick Cooper , Scott Douglas , Ernie Dunn , Steven Hoyt , Stephannie Huey , Edith Mayomi , Carole Smitherman , Jimmy Snow , William Sumners , Jody Trautwein Harry "Traveling Shoes" Turner, Jr.

Birmingham City Council Elections - Run Off October 6 - 2009

Vote in Conservative Birmingham City Council Elections Run off on October 6

Recommended Choices for October 6:

District 2 City Council Kim Rafferty
District 3 School Board Brian Giattina
District 4 School Board Carolyn Cobb
District 5 City Council Elias Hendricks
District 6 City Council Shelia Tyson
District 6 School Board School Board Willie J Maye
District 7 City Council Earnestine Williams
District 7 School Board Odessa Ashley
District 9 City Council Leroy Bandy

COPY And Forward to your Friends

Vote NO to all incumbent Birmingham City Council Members

On all nine races, we recommend that you vote AGAINST the incumbents. The Birmingham City Council has failed to watch out for the taxpayers and has failed to address the real issues facing the City of Birmingham. Thus, on Tuesday, August 25, send home all nine incumbent council members.

They have all failed you. They have failed to speak out against Larry Langford.

Vote Yes for these City Council Challengers on August 25, 2009

District One: - Betty Cannon Corona

District Two: - Kim Rafferty

District Three: - Wil Jones

Dist 4 Earnest J Lumpkin, III

Dist 5 Brandon Davis

Dist 6 Samuel Edward Wiggins

Dist 7 Willie Florence

School Board

Dist 1 Tyrone Belcher
Dist 3 Bobby Friedman
Dist 5 Bennetta Owens
Dist 6 Willie J. Maye
Dist 7 Odessa Ashley
Dist 9 Phyllis Wyme

Vote against all incumbents, in many cases it is the lesser of 2 evils. The incumbent is a proven failure., and in many cases a real disaster.

Former Mayor Richard Arrington is the latest high profile political figure making recorded endorsements of City Council candidates with days left before the election.

Arrington's recorded telephone messages endorse District 8 challenger Gerri Robinson and District 5 candidate Charlie L. Williams in Tuesday's election.

Mayor Larry Langford is making phone calls in support of District 8 candidate Gerri Robinson and denounces incumbent Steven Hoyt for not supporting the mayor's agenda.

Vote No to Pro Gay Birmingham City Council on August 25

This is the pro gay slate, vote for anybody but them:
Radical Homosexual extremist group Stonewall Democrats list of endorsed candidates for the upcoming Birmingham City Election August 25th are as follows:






Vote Yes to Conservative Kim Rafferty - Birmingham City Council

The City of Birmingham, Alabama is suffering for need of just ONE voice of sanity in city government. The current administration is accelerating taxing and spending to a new level. Despite predictions of an insurmountable debt, the Birmingham City Council continues to pass cockamamie schemes like the Dome Stadium.

Birmingham's City Council just needs ONE sane voice to ask the tough questions that no one is asking right now. We have an opportunity to elect that ONE sane voice and our candidate is Kim Rafferty. http://kimrafferty.com

Kim Raffery is not a politician, but a faithful Christian and fifth-generation resident of Roebuck who has long prayed for her city and now believes that she needs to offer herself for City Council District #2. Kim Rafferty has no political ambitions, but simply wants to serve her community and fight for honest and responsible government for Birmingham. Kim Rafferty is just a concerned citizen who is a volunteer in her neighborhood and feels that someone needs to stand up and speak with a voice of sanity.

Kim Rafferty's opponent is Carol Reynolds-Duncan who
* voted for higher business fees, helping push businesses out of Birmingham.
* voted for the sales tax increase, punishing the poor to fund City spending schemes.
* voted for the Dome stadium, a major boondoggle at taxpayer expense.
A vote for Kim Rafferty is a vote to stop the insanity.
You can help send Kim Rafferty as the one sane voice to represent good sense on the Birmingham City Council. District # 2 is a winnable district and is the most conservative district in the city.
You can help by contacting your friends in District #2 ( Crestline, Brook Highlands in Shelby County, Roebuck, Liberty Highlands, and East Lake) and urging them to support Kim Rafferty with a vote and with a yard sign in their yard.

You can help shine the light on the cockroach nests in City Hall by a donation to Elect Kim Rafferty. Even a modest gift of $10 will help in this crucial time. City vendors and special interest groups will not be funding Kim Rafferty, so I am asking you to give something-- any effort will help.

Regardless of your residence, all of Alabama will suffer if Birmingham sinks into the abyss.

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