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Proposed Legislation on Illegal Immigration by Senator Scott Beason

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — An Alabama Senate committee has taken a slightly different approach to illegal immigration than the House. The Senate Job Creation and Economic Development Committee voted 9-1 Thursday for an illegal immigration bill sponsored by Republican Sen. Scott Beason of Gardendale. Beason said his bill is similar to one already approved by the House because it makes it a crime to conceal or knowingly transport an illegal immigrant. But the difference is that his bill doesn't require employers to check new employees' legal status through the federal E-Verify computer system. Beason said his bill leaves it up to employers to use whatever method they want to make sure they are hiring legal workers. Beason's bill now goes to the Senate for consideration.

The North Jefferson News Tue Apr 05, 2011, 11:17 AM CDT
GARDENDALE — Gardendale native and resident Scott Beason, R-17th, says he is in support of the bill that is being voted on today in the Alabama House of Representatives that aims to add intentional complications to daily life for illegal immigrants. He is also the lead sponsor of a similar bill in the state senate.
Beason said surrounding states already have legislation similar to the proposed bills.
“Since then we’ve seen something like a 30 percent increase in illegal immigrants. We have to keep Alabama from becoming a sanctuary state,” he said.
The bill would allow, and in some cases require, police officers to request a person’s identification documents pertaining to immigration during traffic stops or arrests. If the officer has “reasonable suspicion” that the suspect is an illegal immigrant, they can make an arrest.
Beason addressed complaints from protesters and special interest groups that the bill could lead to racial profiling if it is passed into law.
“This is absolutely not about the way a person looks. I think that’s an important point... I don’t know how well people around here know me, but during the summer I’ve got pretty dark skin and dark hair. If it were about that I’d be in danger of being arrested as much as anyone else. I do not believe that’s a problem,” he said. “Liberal groups often try to make the ‘slippery slope’ argument to defend the indefensible.”

The bill also proposes making it a crime to employ, transport or rent property to an illegal immigrant. Beason and other proponents of the bill have said the laws are necessary because of a lack of enforcement from the federal government.
Beason said the legislation does not target the Mexican government. “I’ve never thought about that. The big issue is that the federal government is not enforcing their own law. You see a raid or a news story every once in a while, but for the most part they’re delinquent,” he said.

Free faxes and true facts about the illegal alien invasion at NumbersUSA. Tuscon Sector US Border Patrol Union 2455 says their are somewhere between 15 and 20 million illegal aliens settled in the US. Go to their website. The Federal government paid-out $113 billion dollars support education and health care and other welfare programs, includes for ( birthright citizenship babies Medicaid, food stamps and low income housing) THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE COSTS SUPPLEMENTING ILLEGAL ALIENS IN STATES, COUNTIES AND MUNICIPAL TREASURIES. General Accounting office states for every dollar spent by illegal immigrants, they receive 3 to 4 dollars back

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