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Pro-life, traditional marriage, pro-gun, stop common core, stop illegal immigration, fewer government regulations, lower taxes

Alabama Conservative Candidate Endorsements and Constitutional Amendments Guide for November 3rd, 2020

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Conservative Candidate Endorsements for November 3, 2020

We recommend a straight ticket Republican vote.

Statewide Constitutional Amendments

We recommend NO on Amendment 2.

We recommend YES on the rest of the Amendments.

U.S. Senate
Jeff Sessions

Criminal Appeals Place 2
Will Smith

Congress District 1
Jerry Carl

Congress District 2
Barry Moore

Alabama Conservative Candidate Endorsements and Constitutional Amendments Guide for March 3rd, 2020

Amendment 1 - NO

Amendment 1 will take away your right to vote for the state school board. It will also require Alabama to match our education standards to a currently unknown national standard instead of letting Alabama choose what is best for our state.

Conservative Candidate Endorsements for March 3rd, 2020

Donald J. Trump

Congress District 1
Jerry Carl or Bill Hightower

Congress District 2
Barry Moore

Congress District 5
Mo Brooks

Supreme Court Place 1
Greg Shaw

Civil Appeals Place 2
Matt Fridy

Criminal Appeals Place 1
Mary Windom

Criminal Appeals Place 2
Will Smith

PSC President
Robin Litaker

Madison County Tax Collector
Drew McKay
Madison County Commission District 1
Tim McNeese
Madison County Commission District 3
Craig Hill

Fayette County Endorsements
Revenue Commissioner - Marion Dodson
Commission #2 Shane Hughes
Commission #4 Wesley Jacobs
Commission #5 Jason Nelson
Commission #6 Valerie Branyon
Board of Education #5 Julie Stough

Trump Delegates:

Statewide Place 1
Jim Zeigler

Statewide Place 2
Steven King or Bill Harris

Statewide Place 3
Tom Parker

Statewide Place 4
Will Smith

Statewide Place 5
Steven King

Statewide Place 6
James Henderson

Statewide Place 7
Bob Baccus

Statewide Place 8
Linda Baccus and Arnold Mooney

Statewide Place 9
Dona Barnes

Statewide Place 10
Ben Harrison

Statewide Place 11
Colin Luke, Larry Sims, or Cindy C. Monaghan-Holcomb.

Statewide Place 12
Deanna Frankowski

Statewide Place 13
Chuck Clarke

Statewide Place 14
Vicki Self Bailey

Statewide Place 15
Dottie James Parker

Statewide Place 16
Will Matthews
Pat McCain Wilson

Statewide Place 17
Fred Joly or Sallie Bryant

Statewide Place 18
Adam Bourne

Statewide Place 19
Paul DeMarco
Timothy (Tim) Wadsworth

Statewide Place 20
Hannah Sorrell

Statewide Place 21
Michael Brooks
Vickie Evans Fuller

Statewide Place 22
Elbert Peters

Statewide Place 23
Sue Alexander or Kyle South

Statewide Place 24
Chad Kilgore

Statewide Place 25
Josh Dodd

Statewide Place 26
Joan Reynolds

4th Congressional District Place 3
Andrew Sorrell

5th Congressional District Place 1
Tommy Hanes

5th Congressional District Place 2
Dee Voelkel

5th Congressional District Place 3
Shannon Matthew Moore

Copy this slate of candidates and send it to your church friends

Please copy and send this to all conservatives in Alabama and keep sending until the polls close at 7 p.m. Tuesday. You can make a difference. Go the second mile and do more than your share to take back our country. Thank you.

Participate in returning America back to our traditional values and Christian heritage.

What is at stake in this election is America's Christian Heritage. America is losing our freedoms. The tea party movement is not just about winning this election, it is about taking our country back. Bring Back The Traditional Values That Made America Great. Fortunately the younger generation are learning the old successful philosophy of Christian Education.

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Candidate Issues:
Pro Life, traditional marriage, no illegal immigration, pro gun, fewer government regulations, lower taxes—these are the issues on which candidates were evaluated. Actions of the past are more important than today's promises.

Candidate Questionnaire - For those wishing Endorsement

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Conservative Christians of Alabama has served Alabama since 1994. We were best known for leading the battle against the Siegelman Gambling Lottery of 1999, as we covered the state with 45,000 "No Lottery" yard signs.

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