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Pro-life, traditional marriage, pro-gun, stop common core, stop illegal immigration, fewer government regulations, lower taxes

Alabama Conservative Candidate Endorsements and Constitutional Amendments Guide for March 5th, 2024

Conservative Candidate Endorsements for March 5th, 2024

Donald J. Trump

Chief Justice
Sarah Stewart

Court of Civil Appeals Judge, Place 2
Chad Hanson

Court of Criminal Appeals Judge, Place 2
Richard Anderson

State Board of Education, District 3
Ann Eubank
State Board of Education, District 7
Allen Long

U.S. Congress, District 1
Barry Moore
U.S. Congress, District 2
Dick Brewbaker
U.S. Congress, District 6
Gary Palmer
U.S. Congress, District 7
Robin Litaker

Local endorsements

Fayette County Commission, District 5
Robert W. Townley

Lee County District Judge
Harold Morris

Lee County Commission, District 3
Brian Davis

Chambers County Superintendent of Education
Casey Chamblee

Chambers County Probate Judge
Paul Story

Statewide Constitutional Amendments

Amendment 1 - NO.

According to the Alabama Constitution, one of the main duties of the legislature is to pass a budget. The legislature should organize and run itself better instead of changing the rules so they can avoid their main responsibility. The additional vote for Budget Isolation Resolution that is currently needed every time they avoid passing a budget serves as an additional check against bad government. More informaion about Amendment 1

Copy this slate of candidates and send it to your church friends

Please copy and send this to all conservatives in Alabama and keep sending until the polls close at 7 p.m. Tuesday. You can make a difference. Go the second mile and do more than your share to take back our country. Thank you.

Participate in returning America back to our traditional values and Christian heritage.

What is at stake in this election is America's Christian Heritage. America is losing our freedoms. The tea party movement is not just about winning this election, it is about taking our country back. Bring Back The Traditional Values That Made America Great. Fortunately the younger generation are learning the old successful philosophy of Christian Education.

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Candidate Issues:
Pro Life, traditional marriage, no illegal immigration, pro gun, fewer government regulations, lower taxes—these are the issues on which candidates were evaluated. Actions of the past are more important than today's promises.

Candidate Questionnaire - For those wishing Endorsement

About Conservative Christians of Alabama

Conservative Christians of Alabama has served Alabama since 1994. We were best known for leading the battle against the Siegelman Gambling Lottery of 1999, as we covered the state with 45,000 "No Lottery" yard signs.

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