reappoint judge roy moore

Ten Commandments Supreme Court

reappoint judge roy moore

The Ten Most Frequent Arguments Answered as to Why the Ten Commandments Should Be Removed From the Supreme Court Building of the State of Alabama.

Dr. Greg Dixon

(Answers in italics)

See Judge Roy Moore on Trial, explaining American Law requires our right to Acknowledge God. Explanation of Constitutional Law - Chief Justice Roy Moore cross-examined for acknowledging God, Verdict Removal Short Version Chief Justice Roy Moore on Trial

1. It violates the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that guarantees the separation of church and state.

(This is simply not historically true when you examine the intent of the founding fathers and Supreme Court decisions over the past 200 years. What happened to stare decises (precedent law) that the federal courts always talk about?)

2. It establishes a state religion in violation of the U.S. Constitution. 

(It does not. The foundation of our nation is based on Christianity but not any particular sect of Christianity. Every nation has to have a religion or adopt atheism as Russia did at the time of the Russian revolution in 1917. However we now have an IRS State Church which is in total control of the churches and pulpits of the U.S. and no one even cares about this serious turn of events in the religious life of America.)

3. It favors one religion over another.

(Some religion will always be favored in a nation. You can't have a vacuum. Historically Christianity has always been the favored religion of our country. But the Christian principles which have prevailed has always allowed freedom of conscience therefore all religions have had the opportunity to grow and prosper without fear.  Now other religions have ganged up on the Christian faith to totally destroy it. No other religious/political system in the history of mankind has ever allowed such an experiment in religious freedom, which shows the superiority of Christianity over all other religions. Besides is it not right to allow the religion of the majority to prevail rather than that of the minority? What happened to Democracy that the courts and media always talk about?)

4. It discriminates against those who are not of the Christian faith.

(How does it discriminate against people who have come after precedents have already been established?  What if Christians tried to do the same thing in a Moslem country?)

5. It will not provide equal protection under the law.

(So a Christian can expect equal protection to go before a Moslem, secularist or atheist judge? Every judge has to be something. Would anyone listen if a Christian challenged a judge that was of a different faith or not faith? The Constitution does not ask a man about his religion to give him due process. But in U.S. v Indianapolis Baptist Temple, Judge Sara Evans Barker said that the congregation could neither define what kind of a church they were nor could they practice their faith in the Lordship of Jesus Christ over His Church.)

6. It will cause those who are not Christians to fear going in to the court system to seek justice.

(But it's all right for Christians to go into the court system to face anti-Christ judges? Why should people be concerned in going before judges who hold to the Christian faith which has never engaged in the mass persecution of others but, it is wrong for Christians to be concerned over going before judges of other religions that have in every instance a history of mass persecution of Christians? The Christian foundation of America has produced the least amount of fear and the maximum amount of peace and prosperity for all religions than at any time in the known history of the world.)

7. It will set back the effort to have a multicultural society in the U.S.

How strange. At the cost of our Constitutional form o f government we are to have a secular-multicultural society without Christianity? I guess this is what is called, "odd man out")

8. It is not right for a judge (one man) to override the rule of law.

(But it's O.K for one man, federal Judge Myron Thompson to run roughshod over the laws of the State of Alabama?) 

9. Federal law supercedes the law of the States of the Union.

(This is a spurious argument. Federal law is the U. S. Constitution and it says that Congress shall make no law establishing or prohibiting the right of the people of Alabama or anyone else from practicing their religious faith. Therefore what this issue is all about is the federal courts usurping their authority over the legislative body of the land just as our, founding fathers feared.)

10. We don't need to display the Ten Commandments because they are written on our hearts. And besides this is a violation of the 2nd commandment, "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven images"

(Satan and the secularists among us love to hear Christians make this argument. This is the principle of the Russian Constitution on religious freedom. The right to believe is inalienable but the right to practice ones faith must be limited to governmental regulations or that which is best for society as a whole. This is exactly what Judge Barker and the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals said in U.S. v IBT.  She said that the Congregation could believe any thing that they wished but that they did not have the unlimited right to practice their faith. As to the 2nd commandment, Judge Moore's monument was not placed there to be worshipped but as a reminder of the fundamental law of the land. Israel erected many memorials but they were never to be worshipped.)


This action on the part of the Federal Judiciary will expose us as the hypocrites of all hypocrites unless we remove the mention of God from all public documents such as courthouses, including t he Supreme Court itself. It would make a sham of the words, which invoke God's blessings upon all federal courts when they open each day with the words "God save America and this honorable court." We would also have to take the words  "In God We Trust" from our coins, the mention of God in the National Anthem, the singing of God Bless America at any State functions, the removal of prayers at the start of both houses of Congress, chaplains in the military, prayers and religious services at our military academies and a multitude of other areas of public life in which the name of God is invoked that we now take for granted.

In the final analysis this would be a total revolution, which would make Satan the god of our nation and the lawless in total control of our government.

We must always remember that the scriptures says, "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord" (Psalm 33:12) It is obvious that the opposite of that would be cursed is the nation,

whose God is not the Lord. And this God is clearly the God of the Bible. A nation should be very careful that they not make an enemy of a God that has awesome weapons in His arsenal such as floods, tornados, hurricanes, Typhoons, hail, snow, pestilence, disease and a myriad of other things. The scripture says, "It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God" (Hebrews 10:31)

Surely history will record that August 27, 2003 will always be known as a day of infamy in the ages to come unless this heinous evil is not rectified immediately.

(the end)


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