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Alabama House District 6 Candidate Information
The district is very large, covering an area from north of Madison and west of Hazel Green and Meridianville. Includes west Huntsville around Jordan Lane, going west to Slaughter Road. all of zip code 35606, Bridge Street through Research Park, Providence, Monrovia, Harvest, Toney, Bobo and all the way up to the Tennessee line.

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House District 6 - Huntsville and Madison County Special Election on Tuesday May 26

Candidate Lineup

Tommy Carter
- retired deputy sheriff of Madison County. Tommy is a conservative and pro life. With 31 years of public service and with his law enforcement experience, Tommy has a deep understanding of the issues that face the common man. Tommy Carter has been endorsed by Conservative Christians of Alabama, Citizens Against Drunk Driving, and the conservative Alabama Republican Assembly. Read Huntsville Times article about Tommy Carter Tommy Carter http://www.al.com/politics/huntsvilletimes/index.ssf?/base/news/124272455649990.xml&coll=1

Phil Williams. Phil is a successful business and has made his fortune being a shrewd business person whose company has obtained several federal government contracts. Phil is very intellectual and articulates well.

Frank Prable. Frank is an engineer and a cattle farmer. Frank is a nice guy but appears to be too busy to run a campaign. Frank is in 4th place in the battle of the yard signs. Frank is conservative and pro life. His knowledge of the Constitution and the issues of the day lack depth.

Glen Watson, the known as the proTax Man is running for the Alabama Legislature, as a State Representative from Madison County. The Glen Watson has a pro tax legacy. On the Huntsville City Council, Glen aggressively supported sales tax increases to give more money go government schools. Glen is a favorite of the education lobby and teachers. Glen was best known in 2008 for the Rescue Mission fiasco. Glen Watson. Glen Watson ran in 2008 against conservative anti-tax Fay Dyer for Madison County Commission. After receiving about 100K of special interest money, Glen received about 13% of the vote in the Republican primary.

A candidate forum at a conservative location, Liberty House, was held on May 19. The candidates were asked tough questions. All of the candidates professed to be conservative. Frank Prable came across as being very sincere and would probably make a good public servant. Frank said that he was pro life. Phil Williams gave intellectual answers but did not seem to understand the depth of our Constitution. Tommy Carter came across as being very conservative, strong on states rights and following the Constitution. Following the candidate forum a straw poll was taken. Results were as follows: Tommy Carter 67%, Phil Williams 17%, Frank Prable 8%, Undecided 8%, Glen Watson 0%. The candidate forum was sponsored by the Alliance for Government. http://www.forlimitedgovernment.org

More Issue Information

House District 6 Voting Precincts

- Ed White Middle School
- University Place School
- Lewis Chapel C.P. Church
Westlawn Middle School
St. Luke Missionary Baptist Sparkman Dr
Grace United Methodist Monrovia Rd
Sherwood Park Baptist Church
Little Indian Creek P.B. Church
Haven Baptist Church, Slaughter Rd
Toney United Methodist
Plainview Church of Christ
First Baptist Church Meridianville
Bobo Volunteer Fire Dept
Church of Christ Meridianville
Blackburn Chapel Cumberland
Harold Harbin Gym Hazel Green
St. Johns Catholic Church
Harvest Baptist Church
- Pineview Baptist Church Harvest
- Locust Grove Baptist Church
- First Baptist Church Meridianville

Addition Ratings of the Alabama Legislature - Christian Coalition

The Alabama Christian Coalition rated the Alabama Legislature on key votes during 1999 and 2000. To see how a member of the legislature voted and rated in terms of conservative values, see: Ratings of Alabama Legislature

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