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Wyoming Candidates for Senator



Republican Presidential Caucuses: March 1, 2016
Democratic Presidential Caucuses: April 9, 2016

State Primary: August 16, 2016

Election Day: November 8, 2016

WY Senatorial Candidates 2016 Democrat and Republican

Wyoming Senator Candidates
Wyoming Senator Candidates

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State Primary: August 19, 2016

Wyoming Senator

Mike Enzi (R)

Wyoming Congressional Candidates
Wyoming Congressional Candidates

Wyoming Congress

Cynthia Lummis (R)
Rosie Berger (R)
Liz Cheney (R)
Leland Christensen (R)
Taylor Haynes (R)
Mike Konsmo (R)
Rita Meyer (R)
Rex Rammell (R)
Jason Senteney (R)
Tim Stubson (R)
Charlie "Charlie T" Tyrrel (R)
Ryan Greene (D)
Jack Meena (Independent)

United States Senate election in Wyoming 2016

Three-term incumbent Republican Mike Enzi was re-elected with 76% of the vote in 2008. He will be 70 years old in 2016.



History of Wyoming. Information that every Wyoming Election Candidate for Senator Should Know.

Motivated more by interest in free publicity than a commitment to gender equality, Wyoming territorial legislators pass a bill that is signed into law granting women the right to vote. Western states led the nation in approving women's suffrage and for various reasons. Some men recognized the important role women played in frontier settlement, others voted for women's suffrage only to bolster the strength of conservative voting blocks. In Wyoming, some men were also motivated by sheer loneliness since in 1869, the territory had over 6,000 adult males and only 1,000 females, and area men hoped women would be more likely to settle in the rugged and isolated country if they were granted the right to vote. William Bright, a territorial legislator who was in his mid-forties, had a persuasive young wife who convinced him that denying women the vote was a gross injustice. The other major backer, Edward M. Lee, the territorial secretary who had championed the cause for years, argued that it was unfair for his mother to be denied a privilege granted to African-American males. Most Wyoming legislators supported Bright and Lee's bill because they thought it would win the territory free national publicity and might attract more single marriageable women to the region. Territorial Governor John A. Campbell appreciated the publicity power of the policy and signed the bill into law, making Wyoming the first territory or state in the history of the nation to grant women this fundamental right of citizenship.


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