West Virginia Candidates for US Senate and congressional, Election Race 2014



List of candidates Republican and Democrat for Special Election for US Senate West Virginia

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West Virginia Senate Candidates
West Virginia Senate Candidates

State Primary on May 13, 2014

WV Election - 2014- List of Candidates Republican and Democrat

Sheirl Fletcher (D)
David Harless (D)
Dennis Melton (D)
Natalie Tennant (D) 
David Wamsley (D) 
Shelley Moore Capito (R) 
Michael Dodrill (R)
Rick Lemasters (R) 
Pat McGeehan (R) 
Scott "Cody" Regan (R)
Edwin Vanover (R)
Phil Hudok (Constitution)
Thomas Coyne (Libertarian)
Martin Staunton (Independent) 

West Virginia Candidates for US Congress

West Virginia Congress Candidates
West Virginia Congressional Candidates 2014

District 1:
David McKinley (R)
Glen Gainer (D)

District 2:
Robert Fluharty (R) 
Steve Harrison (R) 
Charlotte Lane (R) 
Alex Mooney (R)
Jim Moss (R) 
Patrick Morrisey (R) 
Suzette Raines (R) 
Ken Reed (R) 
Ron Walters (R) 
Nick Casey (D)
Matt Dunn (D)
Steven Gower (D) 
Meshea Poore (D) 
Doug Skaff (D) 
Ed Rabel (Mountain) 

District 3:
Nick Rahall (D)
Richard Ojeda (D) 
Evan Jenkins (R) 
Jonathan Smith (R)
Rick Snuffer (R) 

United States Senate election in West Virginia 2014

Five-term incumbent Democrat Jay Rockefeller was re-elected with 64% of the vote in 2008. He announced on January 11, 2013 that he would not seek reelection to a sixth term. On November 26, 2012, Republican Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito announced her plans to run for the seat.[60] If elected, she would become the first woman U.S. Senator from West Virginia and the first Republican elected since 1956.



History of West Virginia - Information every Senate Election Race Candidate in 2014 and Congressional Candidates should know about WV:

West Virginia's early history from 1609 until 1863 is largely shared with Virginia, of which it was a part until Virginia seceded from the Union in 1861. The delegates of the 40 western counties who opposed secession formed their own government, which was granted statehood in 1863.

In 1731 Morgan Morgan established the first permanent white settlement on Mill Creek in present-day Berkeley County. Coal, a mineral asset that would figure significantly in West Virginia's history, was discovered in 1742. Other important natural resources are oil, natural gas, and hardwood forests, which cover about 75% of the state's area.

The state's rapid industrial expansion began in the 1870s, drawing thousands of European immigrants and African Americans into the region. Miners' strikes between 1912 and 1921 required the intervention of state and federal troops to quell the violence.

Today, the state ranks second in total coal production, with about 15% of the U.S. total. It is also a leader in steel, glass, aluminum, and chemical manufactures. Major agricultural commodities are poultry and eggs, dairy products, and apples.

Tourism is increasingly popular in mountainous West Virginia. More than a million acres have been set aside in 37 state parks and recreation areas and in 9 state forests and 2 national forests. Major points of interest include Harpers Ferry and New River Gorge National River, The Greenbrier and Berkeley Springs resorts, the scenic railroad at Cass, and the historic homes in the Eastern Panhandle.

West Virginia WV Governor Candidates

List of West Virginia Senate Candidates and information about them at this web site. West Virginia Republican and Democrats vote on May 14, 2011 for the primary election for Governor.

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