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Vermont Candidates for Senator and for Congress



VT Senatorial Candidates 2012 Democrat and Republican

Vermont Senator and Congress Candidates
Vermont Senator Candidates

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State Primary on August 28, 2012 for candidates for Senate and Congress

Vermont Senator

Pat Leahy (D) - 2016

Bernie Sanders (Independent) - 2018

Vermont Candidates for Congress

Vermont Congress Candidates 2012
Vermont Congressional Candidates 2012

At Large:
Peter Welch (D)
Mark Donka (R)
Cris Ericson (US Marijuana)





History of Vermont. Information that every Vermont Election Candidate for Senator Should Know.

Vermont was initially settled in the early 18th century by both the British and French, and conflicts between the two nations continued until the French defeat in the French and Indian War, after which the land was ceded to England. During the American Revolution, Vermont declared independence separately from the original 13 colonies, although the Continental Congress refused to recognize it. Vermont was finally admitted to the union as the 14th state in 1790, after 14 years as an independent republic. The name of the state is derived from "montagne verte," French for green mountain, giving rise to the state's "Green Mountain State" nickname. Today, Vermont's mountains are a popular destination for skiers and snowboarders. It is the country's leading producer of maple syrup and is the home of the popular Ben & Jerry's ice cream.



Vermont Governor Candidates

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