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Tennessee US Senate Candidates for Senator



TN Senatorial Candidates 2014 Democrat and Republican

TN Senator Candidates
TN Senator Candidates

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State Primary on August 2, 2014

Tennessee Senator Candidates

Lamar Alexander (R)   
Fred Anderson (R)
Joe Carr (R) 
Floyd Conover (R)
John King (R) 
Erin Kent Magee (R)  
Frank Mitchell (R) 
Danny Page (R)
Joe Wilmoth (R) 
Terry Adams (D) 
Mark Clayton (D) 
Larry Crim (D)
Gary Gene Davis (D)
Tom Emerson Jr. (Tea)
E.L. Gauthier (Independent)
Joshua James (Independent)
Brenda Lenard (Independent) - Tea Party Activist
Eric Schechter (Independent)

Tennessee Candidates for Congress

Tennessee Congressional Candidates
Tennessee Congressional Candidates 2014

District 1:
Phil Roe (R)
Dan Hartley (R) 
John Rader (R)

District 2:
John "Jimmy" Duncan Jr. (R)
Jason Zachary (R)

District 3:
Chuck Fleischmann (R)
Weston Wamp (R) 

District 4:
Scott DesJarlais (R)
John Anderson (R) 
Yomi "Fapas" Faparusi (R) 
Steve Lane (R)
Jim Tracy (R) 
Randy Sharp (D) 
Richard Simmons (Independent)

District 5:
Jim Cooper (D)
Bob Ries (R) 
John "Big John" Smith IV (R) 
Paul Deakin (Independent)

District 6:
Diane Black (R)
Jerry Lowery (R) 
Amos Powers (D)

District 7:
Marsha Blackburn (R)
Credo Amouzouvik (D) 
Dan Cramer (D)

District 8:
Stephen Fincher (R)

District 9: 
Steve Cohen (D)
Charlotte Bergmann (R)
Gregory Joiner (Independent) 


United States Senate election in Tennessee 2014

Two-term incumbent Republican Lamar Alexander was re-elected with 65% of the vote in 2008. He will be 74 years old in 2014. Alexander will seek re-election to a third term.



History of Tennessee. Information that every Tennessee Election Candidate for Senator Should Know.

Tennessee became the 16th state of the union in 1796. It is just 112 miles wide, but stretches 432 miles from the Appalachian Mountains boundary with North Carolina in the east to the Mississippi River borders with Missouri and Arkansas in the west. Tennessee's two largest cities, Memphis and Nashville, are known as centers of blues and country music, respectively, and have played host to the likes of Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Muddy Waters, Johnny Cash, B.B. King and Dolly Parton. Memphis is also famous for its barbecue and hosts the well-attended "Memphis in May" barbecue competition each year.


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