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Pennsylvania Candidates for Senator



Presidential Primary and State Primary - April 26, 2016

PA Senatorial Candidates

Pennsylvania Senator Candidates
PA Senator Candidates

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Primary: April 26, 2016

Pat Toomey (R)
John Fetterman (D)
Katie McGinty (D)
Joe Sestak (D)
Joe Vodvarka (D)
Andy Ostrowski (Independent)
Everett Stern (Independent)


Pennsylvania Congressional Candiates

Pennsylvania Congress Candidates
PA Congressional Candidates

District 1:
Bob Brady (D)
Bryan Leib (D)
Nick Gibson (Independent)

District 2:
Chaka Fattah (D)
Dwight Evans (D)
Brian Gordon (D)
Dan Muroff (D)
Brian Sims (D)

District 3:
Mike Kelly (R)

District 4:
Scott Perry (R)

District 5:
Glenn "GT" Thompson (R)
Kerith Strano Taylor (D)

District 6:
Ryan Costello (R)
Lindy Li (D)
Mike Parrish (D)

District 7:
Pat Meehan (R)
Stan Casacio (R)
Mary Ellen Balchunis (D)
Bill Golderer (D)
Dave Naples (D)

District 8:
Marc Duome (R)
Brian Fitzpatrick (R)
Dean Malik (R)
Brian Thomas (R)
Andy Warren (R)
Shaughnessy Naughton (D)
Steve Santarsiero (D)
Eli Sadoff (Socialist)

District 9:
Bill Shuster (R)
Art Halverson (R)

District 10:
Tom Marino (R)
Jerry Kairnes (Independent)

District 11:
Lou Barletta (R)
Michael Marsicano (D)
Lou Jasikoff (Independent)

District 12:
Keith Rothfus (R)
Steve Larchuk (D)
Erin McClelland (D)

District 13:
Brendan Boyle (D)

District 14:
Mike Doyle (D)
Janis Brooks (D)

District 15:
Charlie Dent (R)
Archie Follweiler (D)

District 16:
Jeff Bartos (R)
Chet Beiler (R)
Craig Davis (R)
Lloyd Smucker (R)
Tom Wentzel (R)
Brad Witmer (R)
Christina Hartman (D)
Raj Kittappa (D)
Gary Wegman (D)
Ed Haggerty (Independent)

District 17:
Matt Cartwright (D)
Matt Connolly (R)
Glenn Geissinger (R)

District 18:
Tim Murphy (R)
Rob Bennett (D)



History of Pennsylvania. Information that every Pennsylvania Election Candidate for Senator Should Know.

The Pennsylvania State Seal

The obverse of the seal has a central image of a shield containing a ship under full sail, a plow, and three sheaves of wheat. These symbols represent the importance of commerce, labor, perseverance, and agriculture to the state's economy, as well as several of its geographic components (Philadelphia represented by the ship, for example). On either side of the shield are a stalk of Indian corn and an olive branch, representing the state's recognition of its past and hopes for the future. Atop the shield an eagle proudly symbolizes the state's sovereignty. The outer ring of the seal bears the words "Seal of the State of Pennsylvania," despite the state's official designation as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The reverse side, or counterseal, pictures Lady Liberty dominating Tyranny in the form of a lion, along with the warning across the top, "Both Can't Survive."

Pennsylvania State Capital

Built and furnished at a cost of $13 million, the Capitol features paintings, stained glass and furnishings by some of the best artisans of the day. The building incorporates various Renaissance designs in some of its largest rooms: Italian in the House Chamber, French in the Senate Chamber, and English in the Governor’s Reception Room. It also reflects Greek, Roman and Victorian influences in its art and ornamentation. Throughout the building, Huston blended the various styles with motifs featuring Pennsylvania’s achievements in labor, industry and history, making the Capitol uniquely American. Its five-story exterior is faced with handsome Vermont granite, and the roof is composed of green glazed terra cotta tile.


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