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North Carolina Candidates for Senator




NC Senatorial Candidates 2014 Democrat and Republican

North Carolina Senator Candidates
North Carolina Senator Candidates 2014

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State Primary: September 2014

Senate Candidates For North Carolina

Kay Hagan (D)
Greg Brannon (R) - Tea Party Activist
Ted Corriher (R) 
Terry Embler (R) 
Ted Alexander (R)
Bill Flynn (R) 
Heather Grant (R) 
Mark Harris (R)
Edward Kryn (R)
Aaron O'Neal (R)
Thom Tillis (R)
David Waddell (Constitution/Write-In)
Will Stewart (Independent)

North Carolina Candidates for Congress Republican and Democrat NC

North Carolina Congressional Candidates
North Carolina Congressional Candidates 2014 Republican and Democrat

District 1:
G.K. Butterfield (D)

District 2:
Renee Ellmers (R)
Frank Roche (R)
Clay Aiken (D)
Houston Barnes (D) 
Keith Crisco (D) 

District 3:
Walter Jones Jr. (R)
Scott Dacey (R)
Taylor Griffin (R) 
Michael Malagisi (R)
Marshall Adame (D) 
Jason Thigpen (D) 

District 4:
David Price (D)
George Hutchins (R) - Tea Party Activist

District 5:
Virginia Foxx (R)

District 6:
Phil Berger Jr. (R) 
Mike Causey (R) 
Dan Collison (R) 
Tom Manning (R)
Zack Matheny (R) 
Charlie Sutherland (R)
Bruce VonCannon (R)
Bradley Walker (R)
Don Webb (R) 
Bill Wright (R)
Billy Yow (R)
Danielle Adams (D) 
Laura Fjeld (D) 
Tony Foriest (D)

District 7:
Jonathan Barfield (D) 
David Rouzer (R) 
Woody White (R)

District 8:
Richard Hudson (R)
Larry Kissell (D)

District 9:
Robert Pittenger (R)
Shawn Eckles (Independent) 

District 10:
Patrick McHenry (R)
Richard Lynch (R) 
Terry Bellamy (D) 

District 11:
Mark Meadows (R)
J.T. Ritch (Libertarian) 

Alma Adams (D) 
George Battle III (D) 
Marcus Brandon (D)
Beverly Earle (D) 
Malcolm Graham (D) 
James Mitchell (D) 
Rodney Moore (D) 
Curtis Osborne (D) 

District 13:
George Holding (R)
Brenda Cleary (D)


United States Senate election in North Carolina 2014

One-term incumbent Democrat Kay Hagan was elected with 53% of the vote in 2008. She will be 61 years old in 2014 and intends to seek re-election.[48] Polling conducted by Public Policy Polling December 1–4, 2011, showed Hagan with a lead against Speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives Thom Tillis 46–34, with 19% undecided.




History of North Carolina. Information that every North Carolina Senator Candidate Should Know.

The earliest exploration of North Carolina by a European expedition is likely that of Giovanni da Verrazzano in 1524. An Italian from Florence, Verrazzano was hired by French merchants in order to procure a sea route to bring silk to the city of Lyon. With the tacit support of King Francis I, Verrazzano sailed west on January 1, 1524 aboard his ship La Dauphine ahead of a flotilla that numbered three ships. The expedition made landfall at Cape Fear, and Verrazzano reported of his explorations to the King of France,

"The seashore is completely covered with fine sand [15 feet] deep, which rises in the shape of small hills about fifty paces wide... Nearby we could see a stretch of country much higher than the sandy shore, with many beautiful fields and planes[sic] full of great forests, some sparse and some dense; and the trees have so many colors, and are so beautiful and delightful that they defy description."

Verrazzano continued north along the Outer Banks, making periodic explorations as he sought a route further west towards China. When he viewed the Albemarle and Pamlico Sounds opposite the Outer Banks, he believed them to be the Pacific Ocean; his reports of such helped fuel the belief that the westward route to Asia was much closer than previously believed.

Just two years later, in 1526, a group of Spanish colonists from Hispaniola led by Lucas Vázquez de Ayllón landed at the mouth of a river they called the "Rio Jordan", which may have been the Cape Fear River. The party consisted of 500 men and women, their slaves, and horses. One of their ships wrecked off the shore, and valuable supplies were lost; this coupled with illness and rebellion doomed the colony. Ayllon died in October, 1526 and the 150 or so survivors of that first year abandoned the colony and attempted to return to Hispaniola. Later explorers reported finding their remains along the coast; as the dead were cast off during the return trip.


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