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Nevada Candidates for Senator


Democratic Presidential Caucuses - February 20, 2016
Republican Presidential Caucuses - February 23, 2016

State Primary - June 14, 2016

NV Senatorial Candidates 2016 Democrat and Republican

Nevada Senator Candidates
Nevada Senator Candidates

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Nevada Senatorial Candidates

Bobby Mahendra (D)
Catherine Cortez Masto (D)
Sharron Angle (R)
D'nese Davis (R)
Tony Gumina (R)
Eddie Hamilton (R)
Joe Heck (R)
Robert Leeds (R)
Tom Jones (IAP)
Jerry Dean Carter (Independent)
Dean Heller (R)

A list of Nevada Candidates for Congress are listed below by congressional district.

Nevada Candidates for Congress

Nevada Congress Candidates

Nevada Congress

District 1:
Dina Titus (D)
Patrick Boylan (D)
Mary Perry (R)

District 2:
Mark Amodei (R)
Vance Alm (D)
Chip Evans (D)
Rick Shepherd (D)

District 3:
Michele Fiore (R)
Sami Khal (R)
Michael Roberson (R)
Danny Tarkanian (R)
Annette Teijeiro (R)
Andy Matthews (R)
Georgette Escobar (D)
Andrew Martin (D)
Barry Michaels (D)
Jacky Rosen (D)
Jesse Sbaih (D)
Alex Singer (D)
Jack Truman (D)
Anthony Wernicke (D)
David Goossen (Independent)

District 4:
Cresent Hardy (R)
Kelvin Atkinson (D)
Ricki Barlow (D)
Lucy Flores (D)
Ruben Kihuen (D)
Susie Lee (D)
John Oceguera (D)
Pat Spearman (D)



History of Nevada. Information that every Nevada Election Candidate for Senator Should Know.

1827 Jedediah Smith and his party crossed central Nevada on his return trip from California, crossing the center of what became Nevada. After spending the winter of 1826-27 in California, Jedediah Smith's expedition crossed Sierra Nevada mountains over Ebbett's Pass and traveled eastward across Nevada. His trip was the first crossing of the Great Basin by white men. Smith's journal and map have never been found, his exact route is unknown.

1828 November 9th - Humboldt River first discovered by Peter Skene Ogden on his fifth Snake Country expedition 1828-1829. This was Ogden's last expedition to the Snake Country.

1829 Antonio Armijo lead a party of 60 on the Old Spanish Trail to Los Angeles. While the caravan camped about 100 miles northeast of the present site of Las Vegas, a scouting party set out to look for water. The abundance of artesian spring water found here shortened the Spanish trail to Los Angeles by allowing travelers to cut directly through, rather than around, the vast desert. Spanish traders who used this route were thankful for the shortened trip and they named this convenient desert oasis Las Vegas, Spanish for "The Meadows."

Ewing Young and Kit Carson, leading a fur-trapping party from Taos, also discovered portions of the trail at about the same time.


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