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Governor Candidates for Kentucky governor 2015

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Kentucky Governor Candidates
Kentucky Governor Candidates 2014

Kentucky Governor Candidates

Steve Beshear (D) & Crit Luallen (D)
Jack Conway (D) & Sannie Overly (D)
Alison Lundergan Grimes (D)
Geoff Young (D) & Cherokee Schill (D)
Cathy Bailey (R)
Matt Bevin (R)
James Comer (R) & Chris McDaniel (R)
Hal Heiner (R) & K.C. Crosbie (R)
Robert Lee Rosier (R) & John Yuen (R)
Will Scott (R)

Kentucky Governor Candidates
Kentucky Congressional Candidates

Kentucky Candidates for U.S. Congress:

District 1:
Ed Whitfield (R)
Charles Hatchett (D)

District 2:
Brett Guthrie (R)

District 3:
John Yarmuth (D)

District 4:
Thomas Massie (R)

District 5:
Harold "Hal" Rogers (R)
Ken Stepp (D)

District 6:
Andy Barr (R) 
Elisabeth Jensen (D)

Kentucky Tea Party Candidates
Candidates for Governor, Election 2014



History of Kentucky. Information that every Kentucky Election Candidates for Governor Should Know:

First State Flag, c. 1928
As early as the Civil War, Kentucky's Union regimental flags included the state's seal. Legislation to create an official standardized state flag was adopted in 1918, but pressing concerns with the war in Europe and the influenza epidemic at home delayed the design of the flag.

The Early Explorers
It is not clear whether the French or the British were the first Europeans to set foot on Kentucky soil, although it was the French who first laid claim to the Ohio River Valley.

In 1669, the Virginia General Assembly granted permission for western exploration, and two years later, Abrahm Woods, a Virginian, dispatched the first expedition to discover the rivers that flowed into the south sea. Between 1673 and 1674, Gabriel Arthur crossed the Kentucky River accompanied by a friendly tribe of Indians known as the Tomahittan. During the expedition the Tomahittan tribe attacked the Shawnees, and as a result, Arthur was captured and wounded. He was eventually freed and returned to Virginia with the first detailed information about Kentucky. His information sparked the interests of many fur traders interested in trading with the Indians as well as during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Exploration continued into the 1700s with John Howard and Christopher Gist. The French and the British both laid claim to the land, and during John Howard's exploration he was arrested by the French and expedited to France for trial. Christopher Gist explored Kentucky as an agent of the Ohio Land Company in 1751. The company received a royal grant of 200,000 acres between the Monongahela and Yadkin Rivers, which reaffirmed Virginia's claim to the land. The struggle for land between the British and the French was settled after the French and Indian War, which took place between 1754 and 1763. The Treaty of Paris ceded Canada and all French claims east of the Mississippi to England, with the exception of New Orleans. Once the British held legitimate claim to the land, they began settlement.

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