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Indiana Candidates for Governor


Presidential Election Day: Nov. 8, 2016

Democratic and Republican Primary: May 3, 2016

Indiana Gubernatorial Candidates 2016 Democrat and Republican

Indiana Gubernatorial Candidates

Indiana Governor Candidates 2016

State Primary is on May 6, 2016

Republican and Democratic Candidates for Governor of Indiana and Potential Democrat Candidates for Governor of Indiana:

Mike Pence (R) & Eric Holcomb (R)
John Gregg (D)
Rex Bell (Libertarian) & Karl Tatgenhorst (Libertarian)
Adam Adkins (Write-In)
Christopher Stried (Write-In)

Indiana Candidates for Congress

District 1:
Peter Visclosky (D)

District 2:
Jackie Walorski (R)
Curt Nisly (R) - Tea Party Activist
Joe Bock (D)
Dan Morrison (D)
Travis Burns (Libertarian)

District 3:
Marlin Stutzman (R)
Jim Mahoney III (R)
Justin Kuhnle (D)

District 4:
Todd Rokita (R)
John Dale (D)
Joe Bowman (Libertarian)

District 5:
Susan Brooks (R)
David Stockdale (R)
Allen Davidson (D)
Shawn Denney (D)
David Ford (D)

District 6:
Luke Messer (R)

District 7:
André Carson (D)
Brian Fecteau (R)
Wayne Harmon (R)
J.D. Miniear (R)
Gordon Smith (R)

District 8:
Larry Bucshon (R)
Andrew McNeil (R) - Tea Party Activist
Andrew Horning (Libertarian)

District 9:
Todd Young (R)
Bill Bailey (D)
Jeffrey Miller (D)

Candidates for Governor, Election 2016



History of Indiana. Information that every Indiana Election Candidate for Governor Should Know.

The Indiana State Seal

The Seal of the State of Indiana is used by the Governor of Indiana to certify official documents. The seal has gone through several revisions since the region was a part of the Northwest Territory. It is likely the original seal, which is similar to the current one, was created by William Henry Harrison during his administration of the Indiana Territory. The current design of the seal was standardized by the Indiana General Assembly in 1963.

The seal is described as a perfect circle, two and five eighths inches in diameter, enclosed by a plain line. Another circle within the first, two and three eighths inches in diameter enclosed by a beaded line, leaving a margin of one quarter of an inch. In the top half of this margin are the words "Seal of the State of Indiana". At the bottom center, 1816, flanked on either side by a diamond, with two dots and a leaf of the tulip tree, at both ends of the diamond. The inner circle has two trees in the left background, three hills in the center background with nearly a full sun setting behind and between the first and second hill from the left. There are fourteen rays from the sun, two sycamore trees on the right, and a woodsman who is wearing a hat and holding his ax nearly perpendicular on his right. There is a buffalo is in the foreground, facing to the left of front. His tail is up, front feet on the ground with back feet in the air, as he jumps over a log. The ground has shoots of blue grass, in the area of the buffalo and woodsman.



Indiana Senator Candidates 2016





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