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Illinois Candidates for Senator




IL Senatorial Candidates 2014 Democrat and Republican

Illinois Senator Candidates
Illinois Senator Candidates 2014

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State Primary: March 18, 2014

Illinois Senatorial Candidates 2014

Dick Durbin (D)
Armen Alvarez (R)
William Lee (R)
Jim Oberweis (R)
Doug Truax (R)
Sharon Hansen (Libertarian)

Illinois Candidates for Congress Republican and Democrat IL

Illinois Congressional Candidates
Illinois Congressional Candidates 2014 Republican and Democrat

Illinois Congressional Candidates

District 1:
Bobby Rush (D)
Jimmie Lee Tillman II (R)

District 2:
Robin Kelly (D)
Marcus Lewis (D)
Charles Rayburn (D) 
Eric Wallace (R)

District 3:
Dan Lipinski (D)
Sharon Brannigan (R)
Diane Harris (R)
Karen Johnson (Independent)

District 4:
Luis Gutierrez (D) 
Alexandra Eidenberg (D)
Jorge Zavala (D)
Hector Concepcion (R)

District 5:
Mike Quigley (D)
Nancy Wade (Green)
Fred White (R)

District 6:
Peter Roskam (R)
Michael Mason (D)

District 7:
Danny K. Davis (D)
Dan Roche (D)
Robert Bumpers (R)

District 8:
Tammy Duckworth (D)
Manju Goel (R)
Larry Kaifesh (R)

District 9:
Jan Schakowsky (D)
Susanne Atanus (R/Write-In)
David Williams III (R)

District 10:
Brad Schneider (D)
Bob Dold (R)

District 11:
Bill Foster (D)
Chris Balkema (R)
Ian Bayne (R)
Bert Miller (R)
Craig Robbins (R)
Darlene Senger (R)

District 12:
Bill Enyart (D)
Mike Bost (R)
Paula Bradshaw (Green)

District 13:
Rodney Davis (R)
Mike Firsching (R)
Erika Harold (R)
Ann Callis (D)
George Gollin (D)
David Green (D)
Josh Dill (Lincoln Liberty)

District 14:
Randy Hultgren (R)
Dennis Anderson (D)
John Hosta (D)

District 15:
John Shimkus (R)
Eric Thorsland (D)

District 16:
Adam Kinzinger (R)
David Hale (R) - Tea Party Activist
Randall Olsen (D)

District 17:
Cheri Bustos (D)
Bobby Schilling (R)

District 18:
Aaron Schock (R)
Rob Mellon (D)
Darrell Miller (D)


United States Senate election in Illinois 2014

Three-term incumbent and Senate Majority Whip Democrat Dick Durbin was re-elected with 68% of the vote in 2008. He will be 70 years old in 2014. Polling by PPP from November 2012 shows him with wide leads against potential Republican opponents.





History of Illinois. Information that every Illinois Senator Candidate Should Know.

American Civil War

During the Civil War, over 250,000 Illinois men served in the Union Army, coming 4th in the states. Starting with President Lincoln's first call for troops and continuing throughout the war, Illinois sent 150 infantry regiments; they were numbered from the 7th IL to the 156th IL. Seventeen cavalry regiments also served as well as two light artillery regiments. The most well worked soldier was Ulysses S. Grant of Galena. Throughout the war the Republicans were in control, under the firm leadership of Governor Richard Yates The Democrats had a strong Copperhead element that opposed the war and tried in local areas to disrupt the draft. In Chicago, Wilbur F. Storey made his Democratic newspaper the Chicago Times into Lincoln's most vituperative enemy.



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