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Delaware Candidates for Senator

Delaware candidates

Presidential Primary Election: April 26, 2016

State Primary: September 13, 2016

Presidential Election Day: Nov. 8, 2016

DE Senatorial Candidates 2016 Democrat and Republican



Delaware Senator Candidates
Delaware Senator Candidates

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State Primary: September 9, 2016

Democrat Senator Candidates

U.S. SENATOR - next election is in 2018:

Tom Carper (D)

Other Delaware Senator Candidates

Delaware Congressional Candidates

Delaware Congress

Sean Barney (D)
Mike Miller (D)
Collin O'Mara (D)
Lisa Blunt Rochester (D)
Bryon Short (D)
Bryan Townsend (D)
Dennis Williams (D)
Fred Cullis (R)
Rose Izzo (R)
Ian MacFadyen (R)
Hans Reigle (R)
Scott Gesty (Libertarian)

United States Senate election in Delaware 2016

Democrat Chris Coons defeated Tea Party activist and three-time Republican Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell at the 2010 special election caused by Joe Biden's election as Vice President. Coons will be 51 years old in 2016.

History of Delaware. Information that every Delaware Election Candidate for Senator and Congress Should Know.

The Delaware State Capital

The town of New Castle, a port on the Delaware River, became the colonial capital of the "Three Lower Counties" (Delaware) in 1704. Under Pennsylvania's Deputy Governor John Evans, the assemblies of the colonies of Pennsylvania and Delaware separated though legislation enacted in both assemblies still required the Pennsylvania governor's signature. In November of 1704, four representatives from each county - New Castle, Kent, and Sussex met in the town and passed the colony's first two laws. One confirmed all laws previously enacted by the joint assembly of the colonies of Pennsylvania and Delaware. The second law changed the number of representatives from each county from four to six. William Rodeney (as he spelled his name) of Kent County, grandfather of Caesar Rodney, served as the first-known speaker of the assembly. His grandson, Caesar, presided over the last colonial assembly in Delaware. The "Three Lower Counties" remained a part of Pennsylvania until 1776 when economic, cultural, and political differences fostered a permanent separation. The capital was moved from New Castle to Dover in 1777.
Does you Delaware Election Candidate for Senator and Congress know the Constitution.

Delaware Governor Candidates

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